Waiting For The Moon

Utterly tired is how I am, but I want to stay awake to see tonight's lunar eclipse. I like that you don't have to make special glasses to see it, nor have your eyeballs burned out. So while I wait I thought I'd point you guys to some new sites I've linked to on my site for your masturbatory pleasures:

Ass and Pussy - Yep, there is no doubt what you will find here. I wonder if there is a "Cock and Balls?"

His Kitten - another submissive female blog

Puppygrrl - we're all a bunch of animals, aren't we?

Slave Lydia's Blog with my new favorite blog name Blog and Chains

Pudcat BDSM
which is a blog feed aggregator? alligator? aggrevator?

You will see a little box on the right with six pictures that will link you other blogs.

Well that sucked up about 10 minutes, I guess I'll go look at some of these dirty pictures and stuff....


Naughty Girl said...

I love that discription...we're all a bunch of animals!

Off to check them out. :)

Kitten said...

Thanks for the link, darling!


Anonymous said...

Love that I'm a 'smut peddler.' LOL