Pillow Talk

Teacher and I had a pretty sickly sweet evening of fawning and pawing at each other. It had been a few days since we had seen each other and well, I guess we honestly missed one another.

So we're all snuggling, nibbling, and staring into one another's eyes when he just yanked my top down to reveal my breasts. Well actually the rest of my breasts as I was wearing a pretty low-cut shirt and a push up bra.

With his mouth he latched on to my right nipple and went to town. Sucking, biting and tweaking it and I felt little sparks flying in my panties and had stars in my eyes. I've never come from straight up nipple play, but this was getting me pretty fucking close.

I guess he either got bored or heard me breathing hard because he unzipped my pants and shoved his hands down my panties, straight to my now sensitive little pleasure nub. You know I always write about how cool Teacher is, and well I know no one is perfect, but if there is one thing that I think makes him a wonderful lover is that he not only tries to figure out what turns me on by exploration or taking my cues, but that he remembers.

So that he remembered where my most sensitive part of my clitoris was, well I was more than happy. As he maneuvered his thumb and forefinger around my clit, rolling it back and forth like a marble, I found myself gnawing on his shoulder (He's called me a vampire before.) Why is it that the moment before you come is like the most amazing and difficult time all jumbled together? But that fucking realize, holy shit. It wasn't long before I came an eyes rolling in the back of your head orgasm. It wasn't long either before Teacher commanded "Get down on your knees over here." No arguments there.

He slid his very firm cock right in to my still spasming pussy. He's fucking away and I'm digging it, but figuring we're just having straight up vanilla sex I figured it was okay to ask for what I wanted.
"Teacher can you pull my hair?" He grabbed a handful of my locks and pushed my head down onto the bed and continued slamming me from behind. I longed to rub my clit as he did this but I couldn't fucking reach the way he had me. I don't' know if it s the mild pain or the caveman like act of hair pulling, but it always gets me hot.

Still pumping away, Teacher smashed my head into the bed even further, "You like this you filthy slut, don't you"
"Mwmwwhah" like I could speak.
"This is why you're my little cockwhore" Oh God I love dirty talk. It makes me feel, well, dirty! I had my legs up in suck a way that he held on to either foot and continued to fuck me, his nicely curved cock hitting me right in my G spot and I came once again. I think I found my new favorite position.

I felt his finishing up thrusts. As much as I love having my hair pulled and dirty talk, I love that moment right before a man comes, it is sex at is most erotic. As he shot his load, I smiled and savored the moment of his finally pumps spilling himself inside me.

This was the perfect sex for me, and perhaps because it is a sub girly thing. We had that initial connection, all mushy and stuff and then he used me like the dirty cumslut that I am.


Curvaceous Dee said...

I love having my hair pulled too. Yum :)

xx Dee

Naughty Girl said...

Absolutely nothing wrong with a little biting!