My Hero

Months ago I wrote about the influence of the damsel in distress archetype via cartoons on my sexual psyche. As a submissive, the idea of being rescued and protected is fully ingrained into my skull and my panties.

This past weekend I found myself out with some girlfriends having a nice evening of chit-chatting over some cocktails when the night took a turn for the worse.. This crazy jerk I am sadly acquainted with got entirely too close to yours truly. "I want to lick your asshole" he said, spitting all over my face. Instinctively I pulled back. "What," he said, "Do I have bad breath?" Yes, he did. "You're spitting on me, get the hell out of my face." I shot him the evil eye and he whimpered off. My girlfriends were busy with their own drama. I just was ruffled I shot Teacher a text about the asshole. He immediately wanted to know where the hell I was and if he needed to "take care" of that moron. I told him that I thought things would be OK. I did, actually as I know the bartenders there and I was pretty certain they'd rough up that dude if need be.

In the interim, my drunken girlfriends put me in a situation where I was without a ride. I thought I'd hang out and get a cab later. Oh, but drunk jerk wasn't finished with me. He got up really close again and said some other shit. "Get the fuck out of my face, I suggest you leave my ass alone or you'll regret it." AT that point, I had enough. I went outside to talk to Teacher. "I'm going to take a taxi home."
"You are not!"
"It is only a short ride! I'll have him stop at the ATM so I can get some cash."
"You are not fucking doing that X! I'm picking you up!" Mind you Teacher was about 20 miles away across town.
"I'll wait outside"
"No, go inside."
I did as told and went back into the bar, but I could not go back to my earlier relaxed state. I honestly was scared Teacher would come in and kill the dude. I've never seen him in action, but I know that he could do some damage. He's a big man. A big man with a mighty presence. If he had walked into the bar, it would be like a scene out of a Quentin Tarantino movie.

While I waited, I saw the moron skulk off. He was a lucky dude. Teacher called me that he was nearby. As I saw his sleek ride pull around the corner, I was so stinking happy. I hopped in and without going into detail, Teacher had some weaponry at ready in case the fucker was still around. Nothing illegal mind you, but pretty vicious. Had the guy been around he'd be hating life right now and a lot of people I know would be glad about it.

Immediately I slid over and planted a big kiss on Teacher and thanked him. I could tell he was a tad disappointed he didn't get to rough up the dude, but just knowing that he could have done of such for little ol' me made me swoon. Had this been a cartoon I would have said, "My hero" and fanned myself.

We got back to my apartment. It was pretty late and under the circumstances there was not going to be any official BDSM action going on, but I submitted and thanked my Dom by offering him my pussy. He accepted my thanks and impaled me on his hard cock. As he fucked me, I felt yet another level of connection with Teacher. I don't honestly like being in bad situations, but it was nice to know that if forbid I am in another predicament, I have a man who has my back when he doesn't have me on my back.


Rae said...

I'm pretty new, so, "Hi," but for the post...

I love that. I fully believe the damsel-in-distress has been ingrained in my mind as well since I was very little. I think it's very powerful to have someone that "has your back when you aren't on your back." And what a wonderful way to put that! :-)

Great read, per usual.