Messages of Love

With the most commercial holiday besides Christmas coming up tomorrow, I'd like to say a few things.

1. Only a year ago I was alone on Valentine's Day, and it was not the first. In fact I recall being very irritated about the whole shebang and contemplated knocking down a display of Valentine's Day merch until the thought that I could be on, God Forbid, YOU TUBE as some crazed woman freaking out in a card store. Everyone can say "Oh it is just a fucking Hallmark Holiday" and you know what, that never makes it any more pleasurable. So all that said, for those of you who might be bemoaning being single, alone, etc on Valentine's Day, please know I honestly and truly know how bad it sucks. I won't even gloss over it's suckage. My only advice is stay far away from places where people will do things that will make you want to puke, like hold hands, or swoon over each other over candlelight. Since it is a weekday prepare yourself for people getting flowers in the office . To soothe your soul, just think how much it better it is to be single than to be attached to the annoying jackass with the kittycat screensaver.

That all said

2. I don't know, what, if anything Teacher has planned. I actually have evening obligations that will prevent us from seeing each other for any stereotypical VD evening. Somehow as much as I love being doted on, I'm not for once in my life having delusions of various romantic options. In the past when I was dating someone I'd imagine piles of flowers and rain showers of diamonds and only be disappointed. Luckily my jaded soul has finally wised up that life is just not a Mariah Carey video. But, just yesterday Teacher kindly picked up for me on the way over a soda I had requested, and not only got that, but an extra one and some cigarettes. Oh that might not sound romantic, but trust me it was very thoughtful and appreciated by yours truly.

3. Read this hilarious article by Pretty Dumb Things about "Nine Relationships Worse Than Yours"

4. Time for me to shower some love on my fellow submissive bloggers, you've given me support, inspiration, and yes, readers.

5. Readers, I love you as well. Blogging might seem like a self-centered activity, and it is on some level, but I honesty do keep in mind my readers when I post something. I want you all to enjoy my tales and diatribes. For each visit and click, a big smooch. If you click on an ad, I'll give you some pussy. I keed, I keed.

6. Other things/people I love right now:

Hell, I'm blanking out here. Alright folks, it's a wrap


Kitten said...

"Luckily my jaded soul has finally wised up that life is just not a Mariah Carey video."

...wait. It's not?

Just kidding. Happy Valentine's Day dear!


MJ's Slave said...

Great minds think alike!! lol!

Stopped by to say HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY and wish you good kinky fun!


DL's toy said...

i love that song too!

Check out "All i need" by radiohead *w*