Damsel In Distress

One can't help by wonder why they like certain things. I have a good handle on why I like, and NEED to be disciplined, why I like to bask in the testosterone of dominant men. That's all boring shit that is best shared with a professional mental health provider.

What is more enjoyable is to think of all the things pop culture that possibly influenced my sexual tastes. Television for instance. Like many kids who grew up in the 70s, I spent a shitload of time in front of the tv.

The image of perma-Damsel in Distress Nell being tied to the traintracks by Snidley Whiplash and ultimately rescued by the manly Dudley Do Right still rattles my psyche. After rescuing the fair maiden Nell, Do Right would then tie the villanious Whiplash to the tracks, and Nell would swoon. This theme seemed to occur on every episode. Embarrasingly enough, I still own a Dudley Do-Right pillowcase. Makes you think. But then, was I more excited about her being tied down or being rescued? Do Right is a bit to chiseled for my tastes, I've always liked someone with an evil gleam in their eye, someone imperfectly handsome.

I think I liked the excitment and anxiety of her possibly being run over by a train.



Never saw this cartoon in the UK in the 70's but was always a fan of Wacky Races, Penelopy Pitstop done bad by Dick Dasterdly and then saved by The Ant Hill Mob, loved that combination.