Bring to Me Your Leather

We're both horny animals.

That is the bottom line.

We see each other and it is over. Not that lessons have been forgotten, but we're so wanting to fuck one another taking the time to proceed with new material is almost an afterthought.

I love his smell.

He says my eyes are enchanting.

I didn't bother wearing a bra, I knew he'd want to see my tits after the first kiss.
I was right.

There were evening services at the First Church of My Bountiful Breasts.

We were in my bedroom for the first time, kneeling on my bed looking up at him in his all black outfit, he pulled the front of my dress down to reveal what he wanted to worship. He grabbed hold of my head with one hand, pressed his luscious lips into mine as he pinched my nipples with the other. It was a direct flight from there to my clit.

My dress was pulled over my head, my beige lace boy cut panties pulled off.

Naked, I was on my hands and knees on my bed. I wiggled my ass back and forth waiting for my wish.

He put on his black leather gloves. They were fingerless driving gloves.

With each hand he rubbed my bottom. The leather felt nice as smooth. Soothing. I could tell where the leather ended and his human skin began, his rough manly fingers.
I pushed my ass out even more, wanting to feel the sting that I predicted. But first, he took a tie, yes a dress tie, and used it to muzzle my mouth.

"We don't want the neighbors to hear." That neighbor being my evil, nosy landlord.

As in my fantasy, and even better, WHACK! He smacked my tight ass. I clenched my cheeks, but stuck them out for more. With each spank, I chewed at the tie,and pulled on my bedspread with my hands.

As the heat formed where the gloves had landed on my tush, I felt the heat form inside my cunt. My vaginal muscles almost reflex in time with the spanking.

The spanking subsided for a moment. My ass was still facing teacher. He steadied me by holding my torso up, as he started probing my pussy with the the leathered fingers.

It felt amazing. Even more so, as he pushed in and twisted his fingers to rub at my g-spot, I could feel the seam of the gloves. As he finger fucked me, I bucked my ass back onto his hands, I could feel my juices soak the leather. A few more smacks to my now hot ass, and I clenched around his fingers in orgasm.

Somewhere along the lines Teacher had undressed, as I came too from my la-la land of climaxing I saw him stand there with the gloves on his hand, and a thin stream of pre-cum that was dripping from his erect cock. Knowing he had gotten so excited making me, well, excited, made me want even more.

"You're my cumwhore" he moaned. my tie muzzle is removed and I took him in my mouth, spitting on his shaft to ensure I would have maximum glide to get that hot thing down my gullet. In one of those crazy positions you only get into when you're fucking around--upside down, his balls in my fist, my head twisted, he's holding my hair back, and I go up and down, back and forth and suck his hardon like my life depended on it, holding it from the bottom of the shaft for leverage. He grunted as I let the head go past my tonsils and thrust forward, fucking my head knowing my mouth was another one of his holes to make him happy. I look up and see that he's happy.

I'm in my own little cocksucking world, when I am thrown back down on my bed, my legs are pushed apart, and Teacher's pulling my long labia with his teeth, pinching them with his fingers making me want to scream and squirm. We have discussed my personal pussy design this week, I had shared with him a web page devoted to women with lovely extended lips, not the cookie-cutter Barbie cunts that seem to be everywhere. He told me how much he relished how I am made, that he loves to stretch and chew on my pussy lips, that they feel amazing when he's fucking me and they pull out while even at his most shallow stroke. Thinking of our conversation as my own personal pussy gourmet is feasting on my swollen clit, makes me once again almost kill the man by the evil clench of my thighs as I come. (I've never tried, but I am certain I could crush some beer cans with these babies!)

Teacher is not done. "Get on your side!"
He fucks me hard and deep from behind me as I lay on my left hand side my leg up behind him.
"Cum in me," I moaned. I did, this cum whore wanted to feel him, who had worked so hard at my pleasure all night, get what he so desired...a cream pie for dessert.
This position we're in mind you, only proceeds to get myself more in a tizzy, as he thrusts away, my legs are squeezed together, my clit being rubbed back and forth as his dick is stabbing right in my sweet spot. Goddamn, damn, damn I got another divine little pleasure spasm.

I feel my baby cum in me, I hear him groan in my ear as he does.

We're a sweaty sticky smiley pile of fuck once again.

(and so I am I after writing this!)