Ants In My Pants

Teacher is coming over tonight. This is the first time we'll be meeting in my lair. I'm a nervous wreck. I always am before we meet, but this is different for some reason. Meeting at my house is going to make all of this seem a bit more real to me vs. our motel meetings. Even though we live in the same city we live on opposite sides of the world in many different ways. But doesn't that always make for a good romance? "Something Wild" to "Valley Girl" to hell "Westside Story" to "Country Mouse and the City Mouse...." Holy shit he just called as I was writing this and I could barely talk, shakey, tripping over my words. Mealy mouth.

He did, though, read my glove post, and informed me he has packed his gloves. I'm so happy that I'll be seeing him though, I wouldn't care if he had just packed woolen mittens!

I'm certain to have a rosy ass tomorrow. Also, since it has been about 4-5 days since my last lesson, so I'm sure I also that lovely just got fucked feeling in my cunt. Not exactly losing my virginity ache, but damn close.

Juicy details on the horizon!


His pet said...

i can't wait to read all about it!!! Don't you just love the anticipation though?? The days building up to a visit with my Master are almost as good as the visit itself...okay, not quite, but they are quite wonderful!