"Gloves," I told him, "Do you have black leather gloves?"

There is something sinister and strong about a hand encased in black leather. Every winter when I pull mine on I feel a bit more powerful, like I could smack some people around. I've always dreamed of being able to pull one off and slap some cad across the face like in old movies. This goes along with my wish of having the vapors, smacking someone in the face to bring them to their senses, and owning a pair of black marabou slippers and a cigarette holder. Pretty feisty, I know, for a sub, but I have major movie damage. Gloves on another are also sexy to me:

I dream of Teacher dressed in black, putting on his leather gloves. He pushes me against the wall with his leather hands and with one gloved paw pins me there by the back of my neck.

"I'm going to fuck my pretty slut"
He pulls up my dress and yanks my panties around my ankles, all while my face is smashed against the wall.

"Do not move from this wall," he growls, "Do you hear me?"
"Yes" I whimper.

I feel the soft leather on his hands caress my ass.

"I do love your ass my slut."
I moan as he kneads my bottom with his hands, and then as I am just melding with the pleasure...


His gloved hands spank my ass and I jump back a bit

"Stay next to the wall X!" he commands and pushes me back.

SMACK! SMACK! The sting of each spank is coupled with a moment of a leathered caress.

I am clawing at the wall, I want him so bad.


"Ughh.." I start moaning.
He puts one of his hands across my mouth. I inhale the leather and exhale my fear.

"You mustn't wake the neighbors X!"

SMACK! He continues my divine punishment. My cheeks are red and throbbing, I am chewing on the salty hide that covers his hands.

With one hand still covering my mouth, he prods my legs apart with his own.
"You want to fuck my gloved hand don't you X? You're a leather whore just like you're a cum whore." He whispers in my ear. I feel the muscles in my cunt clench, I don't know if I'll be able to even make it to him probing me without coming.

Still against the wall, with my mouth covered, he inserts three of the fingers of his other leathered hand into my sopping wet snatch. As predicted, I cum almost immediately. I can hear the wetness squish on the gloves as he removes his fingers.

"You wanted that bad didn't you my bitch?"
"Yes, oh yes I did!" I speak inside his hand that is over my lips.

"Stay where you are," he commanded.

I hear him take off his gloves.

"Turn around and openyour mouth!" I obliged.

"Wider!" I opened as far as I could, wishing I had jaws like unhinged like snake, that would let me swallow anything that was presented to me.

Teacher shoved the glove that had been in my pussy into my mouth .
"Taste that girl cum, doesn't it taste delicious?"

I mumbled that it did with my leather stuffed maw. The taste of both the leather, his sweat and my own juices tasted like fuck. Good fuck at that.

"Get down on your hands and knees glove slut!"
With the glove clenched in my jaw, I did as commanded and Teacher inserted his prick into my hot little cooze. With each thrust, it felt like his cock was going to rip right through the other side, and I chewed harder and harder into the leather in my mouth. The taste and smell of the glove, plus Teacher fucking me into oblivion sent yet another rippling orgasm through my entire being.

As my muscles clenched Teacher's dick, he ripped it out and spurting a hot load of cum all over my ass.

"Give me that glove back to me slut!"
I handed it to him as requested, though it was now saliva covered and chewed up like someone's dog had gotten to it.

Craning my neck back, still on all fours, I saw him wipe the jizz of my body with the glove.

"Open wide darling. Open wide."
I did.