I told Teacher today I was getting spoiled by my regular fucking. I am not complaining, oh boy I am not. He just left. I have this weird new thing where I get voraciously hungry after sex, like George Costanza with his pastrami sandwiches under his bed. Thankfully, my favorite apples, Macintosh, are in season. Crunch.

So Teacher had a rough day, but even a flat tire didn't stop him from coming over for some strange.

After a nice little clit rubdown and a cigarette, and the light on my devious sign lit up. I was reading several spanking blogs tonight and realized I had yet to get some hairbrush action.

"I have an idea. Can I share it with you?" I asked Teacher.

I pranced my naked ass to the bathroom and brought out one flat vent brush, one big barrel boar's hair and synthetic brush, and a smaller boar's hair brush and brought them back to my bedroom and laid them next to him.

"Can we try these?"
"But of course," he said, "Put your ass over here, and you face down at my cock"
How could I argue with that. I took him into my mouth and started doing my thing, and feeling pretty proud that I'm getting good at the deep throat thing when the first stroke of a brush hit my butt.
It was not the bristles. It hurt, but not that bad. I felt a few more teasing strokes, and the BAM! full on bristle action send my ass bucking and as I had a mouth full of dick, there was nothing I could do but scream around his shaft as the whacking of the brush continued to sting my hide. The more he paddled me, the more I sucked on his cock, it was like I couldn't get enough of either.
Then I feel something enter me. I am convinced it is the end of one of the brushes, I can't see, but Teacher is fucking me hard with it. VERY HARD. I'm all gobbling him up, screaming and slobbering him down to his balls, and while I'm getting banged with the supposed brush, the spanking starts again.
Folks, I was seeing stars. All orgasms are good, but I came like a motherfucker. There is no lady like way to describe it. It was an eyes rolling back in my head affair, and as I came up for air and laid down on Teachers stomach, cock still in my hand, I ask him if was fucking me with the brush.
"My thumb."
"Your THUMB?"
"Yep!" I took hold of his hand, he does have a pretty large thumb. "Well, I like your thumb!"

As I sit here writing I just reached down to feel my ass. I'm a bit too sex high to feel any pain right now, but holy crap I can feel some major ridges and welts from that brush. I'm also a bit high from him telling me, unsolicited, that I have a pleasant tasting poonany. Which, is something every woman wants to hear, in fact I think it ranks higher than "You look skinny."

Goodnight my dear readers, this girl is going to go sleep like a baby, only if I had that thumb in my mouth!

PS. Doesn't that guy in the picture with this post look like a creep?