Thank You From The Bottom of My Panty Drawer

Friday, hallefuckinglujah. As it has become my tradition, I want to thank some fab sites who brought mama some traffic. This week's lucky three are:

Always Aroused Girl Miss Thang is one of the preeminent sex bloggers. Not only does she keep this blog, but she writes reviews for Jane's Guide, Fleshbot, and for several toy sites.

The House of Richard Windsor Maybe I've watched too many indie flicks, but Englishman have always seemed inherently pervy to this nasty girl. Windsor is a spanking aficionado and has some badass sideburns.

Bust I can't recall when I picked up my first issue of Bust, but like that late lamented Sassy, this magazine was life changing. It is one of the rare few that understands that a chick can be hip, smart AND sexy. Yes ladies, you can be a feminist and totally dig porn(and crafts, and rock'n'roll)! If you are a female sex blogger, I highly recommend signing up to be part of the Bust Girl Wide Web. (This 40 oz hugger is the tits!)


My Top Five Favorite Search Strings of The Week

1. felt his blog hot large secretary leather lick ( I imagine they wanted something about some leather garbed admin licking a computer monitor while being felt up)

2. .. been spanked by a woman before while sucking a cock (Nope, but I've been spanked by a guy)

3. long labia kiss (I was pleased, yet another dangling labia fan!)

Pervert Nations

No changes there, though watch out UK, Australia is about to capture your freak flag!

(image from vintage panties)


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

You are most welcome. :)