Think Pink

Due to extreme indulgence in adult beverages and mind altering substances last night, I had a bit of a challenge falling asleep. When I finally fell into a slumber, I had a dream that found me waking up with my hands down in my panties.

I know guys wake up with wood all the time, but at least for me, arising all hot and bothered is not an every morning occurrence. Though I do love morning sex.

In the dream, I presented Teacher with a big box with a black bow. Inside were a pile of toys-plugs, clamps, gags, floggers, and one of those funny fist shaped dildos (I always thing "Black Power!" when I see those vs. someone getting it rammed up their asshole.)Thing about all of these toys-they were pink. Pink leather, pink rubber, pink silicone, etc. Even the bottle of lube was pink. Also inside was a bag of clothespins.

These were not any ordinary clothespins, but clothespins I had taken the time to bedazzle with rhinestones, glitter and pink paint. Upon looking at the bag of girlish clips, Teacher laughed, "These are kind of girly X."

"Well I thought they'd go well with my outfit," my outfit being merely a rhinestoned thong and Hello Kitty baby t and 6 inch pink patent leather pumps. Paris Hilton overdrive.

"You know, you're right, " he said, "they'll go quite well with that pink pussy of yours"

"Hello Kitty?" I said knowing full well what he meant.

"No, this kitty" and he shoves me down on the floor onto a pink fun-fur rug and rips my sparkly thong off, rhinestones popping off and flying all over the hardwood. "Open those legs right now! I want to see my cunt!"

Trembling, I do as told. He reaches into the box I have given him and pulls out, yes a pink gag, the ball is hot pink metal-flake and the strap is black leather. "Open up that cumdump mouth of yours you whore! My mouth is open for him and the gag.

Teacher takes the bag of glittery clothes pins and without a breath, proceeds to decorate both my inner and outer labia, cruelly letting each one snap into place. I am screeching, but it is muffled by the gag. I am clawing at the rug, and at Teacher, but he pushes my hands down. "Keep your hands off of me! Keep them to your side slut!"

He's not done with the clothespins. On either thigh, he clips a quarter inch apart more of the crafty clips. I am in agony, but yet my clit throbs each time a clip is applied.

Once he is done he, once again goes into the toy box and takes out the big pink fist. He doesn't stick it in my cunt, but instead smacks me across the face with the rubber hand

"You don't think my own fist is good enough for you X? Huh?"
I mumble my answer into the gag.

Teacher then proceeds to run the fist over and over the clothespins, which bend and pull tweaking the skin enough to induce a severe sting.

"Open that cunt X!"
I do


He tosses the rubber fist to the side, and without any lube, and any warning, inserts four of his five digits roughly into my cunt. I bite down on the gag, this is horrendously horribly amazing.

My legs are spread as far as humanly possible, for me.

My juices have saturated Teachers four fingers enough to allow his thumb in to join the rest, and a slow deliberate probe into my snatch segues into a full on slam. He's now wrist deep into my pussy and the sparkly pink clothespins around my cunt lips make a bracelet around his cuffs. With his free hand, as he fucks me with the other one, he removes each clothespin sending rockets of pain as I am already convulsing from the fullness. He's now even further in my cunt, and I rock towards him coming around his paw and the remaining clothespins that are on my thighs snap off as I flail around in my orgasm. Teachers arm is soaked with my girlcum and so is the pink rug under me.

And so are my panties when I wake up, except they are black.
So after I wrote this post, I went out shopping. I was at my local deep discount, close-out store & found some cool stuff. While digging in a pile of stuff, I found a black fun fur collar and the Hello Kitty tshirt in the picture above for $3! And here is a racier version:

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