Fit To Be Tied

There are rope marks on my wrists this morning. It is too hot to wear long sleeves. There would be rope marks on my ankles, but I decided to wear some glittery knee socks that remained on during my session last night. Sensible me knows to wear bracelets at least to cover the marks. Thing is, I am rarely sensible. I am impulsive, a rule-breaker, a trouble-maker, a rebel-rouser, and I want to wear my marks proudly for the world to see. That world being my co-workers. But, alas, yours truly is on the proverbial shit-list in an office full of women, run by a 300 pound overworked bull-dyke. Shall I give them more to talk about or shall I be a good girl and dress appropriately? Think I'll have some coffee, read *TMZ, and poke through my jewelry box. Damn it.

*I have a major celebrity gossip problem.


His pet said...

You are adorable. i hate covering my marks too. It seems such a shame when seeing them makes me happy and keeps me centered.

Curvaceous Dee said...

I hate covering my marks up as well - as often as not, I don't bother ... but then, mine usually aren't on my wrists, but throat or arms or breasts.

xx Dee