I submit to you

If it wasn't obvious enough, I am hellbent on posting every day. When I'm not fucking around or writing on here, I am honing my chops for more vanilla writing jobs. The discipline aspect of writing has always been beyond me, that is until this past year.

Whoever is leading any of the various annoying writer's workshop I've ever attended, and they're all annoying, has recommended setting a specific time each day to write. "Get up an hour earlier and write for a full hour non-stop." Yeah, right. I can barely get out of bed most mornings. I am also fearful if I heed their advice, I'll end up just like them, covered in cat-hair wearing crinkled linen and sensible shoes. God forbid.

So this past year I have overslept more than I ever have in my life, but I've written more than I ever have in the last 15 years. I do it on my own time. Sometimes in 15 minute blurts and sometimes in a 5 hour manic frenzy. I've even made a few bucks along the way.

What does this have to do with this smutty little blog of mine? Well, besides beating myself up for not being productive, I actually like pleasing my readers. Any writer who does not seek to give their readers pleasure is, well, a selfish asshole. It gives me no greater joy to know that a tale I have told has driven someone to put their cock in their fist, or to go grab the lube. I know it has, as I have received some nice emails of late.

I am Teacher's sub, but dear readers I am your sub as well. All of you.

So what prompted this? Well, I wanted to share this gallery, but then I felt guilty just posting a fucking link. But then again I figured you filthy minds wouldn't mind seeing some naked chicks tied up, beat up, etc.


Karl Hungus said...

I too write kink to hone my skills. It does get easier. Writing is no longer a horrible struggle, like wrenching ore from the earth. It's just a process. It's nice to be able to just crank out content at will, it makes a skill out of a knack.
Nice work on the content. I'm partial to them myself. I love me some forced orgasms. Yum.