OK You Doms, Time To Step Up To the Plate

Another BDSM blog, a popular one at that, has bit the dust "Confessions of An English Gentleman." For most of the details, you can check out Persephone's blog. I didn't read his blog as often as the others on my blog roll, but Persephone's recent posts recently gave me reason to check out "Roper's" blog more often.

The demise of this blog leaves yet even more of a gap in the world of Dom blogging. Dominant men that is. I can't speak of the Femdom blogs, as to be honest I haven't really made a concerted effort to read any, not for any particular reason other than perhaps I have no desire to be topped by a woman, though I've fantasized about topping one myself. [ED: I actually realized that I was foolish not reading Femdom blogs, and I've just updated my blogroll to
include some Femdom blogs]

So I would like to encourage any of you lurkers out there who might just happen to be Doms ("Teacher" will have some guest posts on here soon) to start up your own blogs. As much as I love reading the trials and tribulations of my sub pals, I very much enjoy getting a Dom's perspective.

If you are a Dom who blogs and you're not on my blogroll, drop me a line and perhaps we'll do a link trade. Perhaps. I've gotten some bizzaro spam blog requests.  For some reason I think there are a lot more Dom bloggers out there than any of us realize. One thing about blogging, no matter what subject, if you want readers you truly have to make an effort beyond quality content. Most of them are easy-- getting to know your fellow bloggers, commenting, getting the word out in whatever web community to which you belong. Some do take a bit more of
an effort, submitting your site to various engines, toplists, directories, etc.

Bottom line is blog our kinky brothers, blog!


Devilbluedress said...

Hey! I'm all for this. I definitely want to know more from the DOM perspective....

Let me know, I'll add you. I'm even considering a separate and unique Dom /sub blogroll. But I admit it would be mostly Dom's or extreme sub's because that what interests me the most.