"Dancing With Werewolves" an Interview with Spanking Superstar Niki Flynn

The first thing I notice upon receipt of my first email reply from Niki Flynn is that she signed it "Love, Niki." Now some people do that out of habit, I don't. While I don't think Niki actually loves me, I can tell you that there is a sweet, loving person behind
the toughest ass in the spanking biz.

Niki, who is one of the most renowned spanking film stars and models, has just released her first book "Dances With Werewolves."It is not only an intriguing biography, but a wonderful glimpse into the world of spanking films and the corporal punishment underground. Throughout the book Niki gives insight to the core of her desires.

She is no poseur spanko, no, she is the real deal. Her film adventures take her to some dark places, both mentally and physically. From interrogation scenes in Germany to filming with the infamous "Werewolves" in Bratislava, it is revealed that this not just acting, but real scening that takes Flynn to the edge.

Flynn ultimately sets the standard for not only quality, but reality in corporal punishment film. I highly recommend this book, no matter what level is your pain penchant.

One thing that struck me about "Dances With Werewolves," and mind you I have read many a tome by vanilla porn stars, is that Niki did not have a dark childhood. I expected it to be sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, but Ms. Flynn is deeper than that. Like many of us, thought she was all alone with her desires, but was able to reconcile her fetish by an open-minded sister with a spanking aficionado boyfriend. Ultimately she not only realises she is not alone, but her lifestyle takes her on a huge adventure.

The following is an interview I did with Niki this past week:

NF: OK, this is the first moment I've had to answer your questions. Been
shooting in Germany.

SN: What made you decide to publish a book? Were you keeping journals prior to the book? Did you write in your pre-spanking model days?

NF: Erotic memoirs are very popular these days, but there has never been
one about the world of spanking films. I wanted mine to be the first.
I've always kept journals or at least written down favourite roleplay
scenes and shoots. The better to savour them again and again!

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about spanking and BDSM in
general and the adult film industry specifically. I wanted to dispel
those. Likewise, there are scores of misconceptions about female
submission and its motivations. The general public readily accepts
dominatrix memoirs, but they squirm in discomfort at the counterpart.
I decided that the best way to get such a book into the mainstream was
to write it myself. My dream is ultimately to reach others (especially
women) who have been made to feel that what turns them on is somehow
wrong. It's not. Embracing your sexuality and living out your
fantasies (safely and consensually, of course) is empowering, not
unhealthy. Sublimating your desires is what messes you up.

SN: You go to a lot of dark places, mentally & physically in your book. Did you find it cathartic or scary at all to revisit some of the stuff you wrote about?

NF: The experiences themselves are often cathartic and scary. And there's
a lot of soul-searching involved in writing it all down, exploring it
in greater detail, analysing the psychology and emotion behind it with
the benefit of hindsight. All these things intensify the original
experiences in my mind. As though they become more real once they've
been committed to writing.

SN:Was a lot of the content influenced by questions from fans? You do
have the fan mail between each chapter.

NF: Some but not all. Most of it was simply my desire to share some
profound events that have shaped my life and my sexuality. A lot of it
is more intense than most people would want to experience, but I hope
they can still relate to me. I like to imagine I'm leading you into a dark and scary underworld, having you trust me to show youthings you might never experience before returning you safely to the light, changed perhaps but not harmed.

SN :What is next for Niki Flynn? Current projects? Do you ever wish to go
behind the camera yourself?

I've co-written a script for very dark BDSM film, which I hope to
shoot early next year. I also hope to film some mainstream horror with
my friends in Glasgow. As to being behind the camera... I've thought
about it, but I'm not sure. Possibly maybe...

SN :Are people more open about their kinkiness in Europe?

Europeans seem to have fewer hangups about sexuality in general. I'm
not sure if they're more open, but I don't think "sex" is stigmatised
as much as it is in the States or in Britain.

SN: Any tips for soothing a beat up behind?

NF: Arnica cream or gel helps bruises develop and fade faster. Aloe is
best for cuts or grazes. And I swear by *Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion
for daily moisturising and before and after any play. Men especially
need to take better care of their skin if they want to keep playing
for years!

SN: Fave place to get school girl undies?

NF: Well, there's something especially kinky about getting them from
proper school outfitters and Aitken & Niven in Edinburgh is probably
my favourite.

SN: If you don't mind, is the pay rate for your work anything close to the
rate the girls in run of the mill porn make? Do you get a flat fee?

NF: I don't know what the rates are for porn, so I couldn't say - sorry!
And yes, I've always been paid a flat fee.

SN :Future plans?

I still have plenty of fantasies to live out on camera and lots of
people I want to work with. In the meantime, I'm playing in private,
going to kinky parties and even doing some slightly more mainstream
modelling. Challenging, but fun!

SN: Ever move back to the US?

NF: If they kick me out of Britain, sure!

For more of Niki, check out her website and blog

Purchase "Dances With Werewolves" from

*I recall reading that Martha Stewart learned to love this stuff in Prison! How ironic!

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Dave said...

Great interview. I definitely need to put this book on my Wish List for Santa.


Sweat Shop Sissy said...

very cool. and you never need to apologize for self-promotion!


Liked the post, it's great that the residents of the USA now have a chance to read this book, it's the best memoir, of any genre, that I have read in a couple of years.


Niki Flynn said...

Thanks for a lovely interview! It was my pleasure.

Will said...

Excellent Interview!
Niki Flynn is so fetchingly hot that anything she writes, says, or experiences (spankings, anyone?), just has to be revealed.

Cheers. This post is one, definite, "Pick Three" I'm voting for!

PS: Her book is on my list, as well.


Sub Nouveau said...

Thank everyone!