New Rules

Cupid steered Teacher and myself way off course. We've been so enraptured with one another, we both let our guards down and the vanilla waters flooded in. No complaints really, I do adore him so and what woman does not want to have the adoration of a wonderful man? I melt every time he calls me an ingenue or tells me I am coquettish.

Still, Teacher realized it was time to get back to where we were on my journey. It became apparent that we just needed that time to get to know one another before we proceeded
in to a more serious D/s relationship, being the newbie I am.

We haven't totally fallen off the wagon, I received a pretty rough hairbrush spanking the other night and my ass is black & blue. I have teeth marks on my shoulders. I set myself up for that one. I mentioned I like biting and damn if he didn't bite the shit out me. Breath play still is in our repertoire, and I think each time it gets more intense. I'll never get used to his hand around my throat.

But, new rules have been laid down. I am for one, to now address Teacher as "Sir" vs. his real name. We have other names for one another, so I was a tad confused on how to handle my email salutations, but I was given permission to us the nickname I've given him if I want. I haven't spoken with him since this new rule was put in place, so I am going to have to make sure I don't slip up. I will need to discuss it with him, but I think for the purpose of this blog I will still refer to him as "Teacher" unless he requests otherwise.

One rule is a bit more intense, but I realised it will keep me from fretting about what to wear when he visits. I am to leave my screen door open for him, when he knocks he will give me 60 seconds to unlock the door. When he enters I am to be naked, and kneeling in the presentation position he taught me awhile ago.

Also we are to be venturing out of the temptation that is my bed where we seem to do most of our socializing, and I was told he will be assigning me tasks.

I know this might sound like BDSM 101, but we've had an nontraditional situation since day one.
I am glad about taking these new steps, as this is going to open up a whole new chapter into my submission, and my training to be the most excellent submissive!

image from the training of o