Sorry, I Have To Call Bullshit on This

I have insomnia, I've been poking around different sites looking at paddles, canes, etc. I found one site that had some cool hand made floggers and other items, in fact I almost sent the link to Teacher, but then I happened upon THIS.

Now, number one it is a pore cleanser. Number two it is the same pore cleanser I purchased at my dollar store (Dollar Tree) in hopes that it would be a worthy * sextoy. It was not. Number three, I had previously owned a more expensive model of a similar pore cleanser and it left hickeys on my face.

I am all for people making a buck, but I am also all for people not getting screwed over.

You can see the same device here on this site listed as "battery operated pore-cleanser from Dollar Tree."

Anyway, if you want to try it out, check out your local dollar store or I just saw one on eBay for five bucks.

*I'm always looking for alternative uses for household items


Curvaceous Dee said...

Pervertables are great fun, aren't they? One of the best pervertable purchases I made was a back scratcher ... most excellent for spanking!

That pore cleanser looks a little scary, though :)

xx Dee