Towards The Path

Cuddled underneath my pile of blankets, I heard Teacher knock on my door. I always have on high heels when he visits, this was a request from the get-go, but I hastely ran to get the door without them. Immediately I thought he would be pissed, but he told me not to worry about it.

Back in my bedroom, Teacher sat on the edge of my bed and lit a cigarette. I had the urge to put my head on his lap, and I did as such. Like a cat, I poked my head under his arm and rested close to his cock. But that wasn't on my mind at the moment, I am a slut, but not not a one dimensional one. I listened to him speak as he stroked my hair, immediately was in my comfort zone.

I was disrobed, kissed, coddled, and ordered to sit up. Like a magician, Teacher whipped out a long strand of white rope out of nowhere. With precision, he coiled each breast, crisscrossed my chest, wrapped the cord around my torso made knots. Sadly, I do not know the language of rope mechanics, but I do know I appreciate the ritual of being bound.

His cock was erect and dripping with pre-cum as he finished the last knots.

"Get on your hands and knees," Teacher demanded. A second strand of rope appeared, this time I was hog-tied my wrists adjoined to each knee. I had a hard time being in that position with my face down, and I was put on my side.

Teacher didn't ask me to, but I had my eyes closed. Sensory deprivation is apparently one of my things. Still Teacher went to retrieve one of his neckties that was hanging from my closet door and wrapped it around my head as a blindfold.

Not unlike me calling a friend to see what stupidity I did while drunk, I have had to ask Teacher a few details of what occurred. Some I am merely piecing together.

After the blindfold was knotted, Teacher instructed me to open my mouth to thank him, and deftly inserted his hardened prick into my mouth. He apparently merely wanted to tease me, as he removed his cock and moved on to torture my nipples with his mouth, and grazed his hands down toward my pussy. I had just shaved myself smooth after a month or so of furriness. In general I'm a muff lover, but sometimes it feels nice bare and I wanted Teacher to see my cunt in it's entirety. Well, make that *his cunt. Since it is not a regular thing, it felt to me like the subversive thing a shaved cunt used to be vs the general run of the mill shaved pussy.

His fingers merely grazed long enough to feel the new smoothness and repositioned me in such a way that he had access to my ass. As I laid there awaiting each new action I felt like Teacher's angel of pleasure, I was there for him to do as he pleased to me. But I knew in my heart that this angel of pleasure has a selfish devil counterpart that was yearning for pleasure of her own.

Little did I know as I laid still in the darkness, unable to move more than a few inches here and there like a worm, that he was going to perform the most selfless act anyone has ever done for me, to take me to another plane of existence.

It started with small pats, then harder, then harder, then I just faded into the music of my ass being slapped by his hands...from what he has told me once it was apparent that I was heavily under that is when he brought out the big guns-the cane and crop.

I wrote in detail about my voyage into sub space in the last two posts, so I'll omit that here, but two days later I am still in a bit of a fog.

When he brought me back into the real-time I cried a few tears, but they were joyous tears. We proceeded to have some very hot sex, and I fell asleep with both remnants of my adventure inside my pussy and inside my mind.

Since we've taken it up a level, Teacher has given me a new reading assignment as well as some serious things to ponder. To be discussed at a later date.

*I must note this is not a writing convention that comes easily to me. Some people do it very well, and well, others do an atrocious job. I am confident that Teacher knows I am not being disrespectful if I don't refer to parts of my anatomy as his in my writing. Just in case anyone is keeping score.
(photo from squareamerica.com)