I'm just enjoying one last cigarette before I hit the sack. Sexy, I know.I just want to get a few thoughts down before they disappear into my mental vapor.
Teacher & I had a VERY intense session tonight. So much so that I had an amazing step into sub space. I thought I had been there before, but to paraphrase Teacher, I had been on the edge of it, but I took the full jump tonight. apparently he had to lure me back to reality and untie me as my hands were starting to turn colors, which makes me glad I am with someone who is safe and looks out for my well being. I had no idea. He said he spanked, caned, whipped me for straight 10 minutes per my clock and I honestly had no idea, that he brought out the whip just to see if I was "still there" While I was in la-la land I kept having visions of eagles flying over a canyon, the view was from the bottom up, so at the top was the sky with the birds. Crazy. I'm not a bird person, nor am I big patriot. But no complaints. (Hell, when I used to do LSD in back in, no not the sixties, but in, ahem "the grunge years" I often saw Aztec patterns and imagery. I must say this was a lot better escape from myself) I was hog-tied--wrist to each ankle, my breasts were bound & I was blindfolded. Intense.

Teacher is just so damn amazing. Each time we're together I turn into mush.

It just blows my mind that my mind was blown to this extent.

I have also noticed I'm able to orgasm a lot easier.

I can already tell I"m going to be sore as hell tomorrow. If anything should motivate me to get my ass in shape, this should. Seems like yoga could come in handy.

Going to go enjoy some blissful sleep before I have to go deal with the shitty cunts and motherfuckers at my job.