Thank You My Dirty Darlings

Starting a blog is not an easy task. Well, setting up is not that difficult. But trust this veteran non-sex blogger, getting traffic can be challenge, as is getting return visitors. Anyway, not meta blogging here, I'm just wanting to express my gratitude to those who have directed their horny readers to my site & have it zipping up the charts.

Bottoms Smarts, a great spanking blog by a woman named Bonnie. She's been in the spanko blogging game since 2005, good stuff.

Puppytales, she's a naughty pet, this is one hot blog. Check it out.

KinkyJews -Yep, we're the chosen pervert ones.

The following directories, which are a treasure trove of sex blogs:

If you're a sex blogger, definitely submit your site to these guys. Also the other directories you'll see on the side bar. Drop me a line as well with your url, if I dig it we can talk reciprocal links. subnouveau AT gmail DOT com

And of course, thank you my readers!

For being such badasses, I'm going to treat you to this hot video I found today on youporn:

Belladonna my fave getting DP via fist by Jenna Haze the girl doesn't even flinch. A-fucking-mazing.

(enjoy because Bella has retired, she's going to be only behind the camera, and possibly solo)

PS. I know the photo really has nothing to do with this post, but I love David LaChapelle's photography & I love Pamela in all her exaggerated femininity. Who wouldn't want a spanking from her?


Young Lady said...

I just found your blog and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it.

Would you like to exchange links?

EmmaK said...

I absolutely love the picture. Spanking hot! And a big hug and kiss and welcome to the blogosphere.

Jason said...

Welcome to KJ. And oh mah gah, that vid. Makes me need to turn on the AC.