I can look at dirty pictures, porn, even real live naked people all day long, but nothing gets me going like some words.

It can be words whispered in my ear, or demands spoken out loud. It can be a dirty talk while fucking, or merely innuendo within the body of a email.

What turned me on initially about Teacher is well, we never saw pictures of each other until a week or so of our correspondence. Actually, I take that back, I saw one picture of him, one that does not do him justice, and he saw none of me. He merely was working on my own description of my self. Yes, until we had our first date, he had not one glimpse of my visage. Needless to say I was nervous, and from what I gather he was not disappointed.

But the weeks up until our meeting, and what truly led me even consider meeting him was because he got me hot in the brain. Also, I think that is definitely a huge facet of my submissiveness. The instructions, the commands, the demands, all of the verbiage that is involved appeals to the part of my brain that connects to my clit.

Maybe dumb is sexy for dudes who just want something breathing to stick their dick into, but as a woman, I need some brain upstairs, and well downstairs. Teacher has both. The mere fact that he wrote, and continues to write, me well written and sexy emails made me adore him.
I know a lot of men can't type with one hand, but which would you rather receive:

"I think ur hot LOL I cant wait till we bang next" or this, part of an email I received today:
"But rest assured, you will be just as thoroughly fucked as you were in lesson 2, just with more intensity." Reading that before I left the house this morning sent me off to work with a smile and damp panties.

Which would you prefer?


Dave said...

Well, I must say I am completely diggin' your blog, which I just saw listed on Bonnie's 'My Bottom Smarts' blog.

Keep up the fab work!