Here Comes Sickness Part 2 - Running With the Devil

So as promised in "Here Comes Sickness Part 1," here is the other reason I suspect why I get incredibly horny when I have a cold.

As with reason #1 the only time I had alone growing up was when I was home sick from school or if we had a snow day. Not uncommon. So it is the fall of my Freshman year of high school, I was 14, complete with braces and big hair. I was your classic 80s heavy-metal teen. I had minimal experience with boy. A few kisses, some under-the-bra action, but that is it.

A Senior who had a ridiculous nickname, who I'll call "Bubba," had taken a liking to me. Actually, he had taken a liking to my 8th grade year book picture, which apparently was the "Who's-Who of Freshman girls I'd Like To Bang."

So Bubba gets my phone number from a mutual friend. We talk music, and our common interest in "The Satanic Bible," whose tenants appealed to my teenage mind, and well it seemed to upset all the Southern Baptists at school. As I read them now, apparently I've been following most of them without even realizing it.
Along comes a day I'm at home with some sort of ailment, finding new ways to get off when the phone rings. It is Bubba. "Can I come over? I want to talk to you about something." I panic a bit, my mother would kill me. "Sure." At this point I have no idea what is going to happen. By the way, Bubba had a mullet which was permed in the back, and an earring which made him oh so bad back then.

He comes over, I let him in. We stand in the door, he kisses me, and we go sit in the living room. I'm already thrilled with the kiss. We move to my poster covered bedroom, on my little single bed and made out some more, and of course, he stuck his hand up my shirt feeling my perky teen tits, he pulled my jeans and panties down enough to give him access to stick his finger in my tight slit. I was enjoying this. He rubbed his fingers in and out of the narrow hole of my pussy, it felt amazing, but alas he was not aware of the clit and I was not aware I could tell him.

I felt his hardness against me. I had no concept of an erection to be honest. I knew it happened, but to feel that for the first time was quite extraordinary.

Bubba directed my hand down to his jeans. What the hell was I supposed to do?

He unzipped his jeans, and pulled out his dick. A real live dick! So this is what they look like in person. It was kind of funny looking. I don't recall giving his balls a look see.

"Touch it."

I touched it quickly and removed my hand. "Now what."

"Let me show you what to do." He proceeded to grab my hand, place it on his cock, and show me how to run my hand up and down, up and over, and down, and so on till I started feeling the veins in his prick bulge and pulse. Bubba groaned, and then a hot stream of cum spurted out and over my hands. I was amazed at the power of my hands. I was amazed at the power I had over Bubba. "You did a great job," he told me as he wiped up the jizz with a tissue.

While I didn't get off, I did get off visually, this was pretty intense to my 14 year old eyes.

This was our pillow talk:

"Well,I wanted to talk to you about being an altar."

"A what?"

"An Altar," I was talking to my Uncle and he and I want you as an Altar.

"What the fuck is that?"

He proceeds to tell me that it would involve me going to the woods, laying down on a blanket surrounded by candles and getting laid during a ceremony. I was needed as I was a virgin.

Yeah right, I am not about to lose my virginity to this dude, and his inbred redneck Uncle and during their own made-up mountain Satanic Ritual. I had read enough to know this was bullshit.

"Get the fuck out of my house." He protested, "I was just kidding."

"Get out!" I sent his mulleted, no clit-rubbing ass out of my house. So much for firsts.

I proceeded to lose my virginity a few months later to another guy. On a waterbed.