Back From Hiding

By popular demand, I've unhearthed my old posts for your reading pleasure.

A few updates;

1. Teacher is still in my life, as a friend and mentor. While we don't see each other often, we do see each other and he and my current love are friendly. They trade war stories and chit-chat.  
Also, we'll be both working for Teacher in the near future helping him turn out a  cadre of whore slaves, as I may have mentioned in the past, I have always wanted to top a chick.

2. The economy has bit my ass, as it has the asses of so many so--I'm officially a 'sex worker'--see the 'Call Me' button on the right. I should be live in a couple of days, do let me know that you're calling from this blog, this way if you want to talk about Sub Nouveau stuff, I'll know where you're coming from, literally and figuratively.

2a. Speaking of $$, those of you who have so kindly signed up to any of the sites advertised on here, thank you SOOOOO much. I don't make a lot, but the few checks here and there have been lifesavers!

3. I don't plan on posting any more stuff on here, but do check out my other blog from time to time.

Note: links removed


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