Yes, I don't maintain this blog much anymore, as you regular readers know, but I DO keep in touch with Teacher. He still is very much a part of my life. We don't talk every day, but several times a week. It wasn't easy at first, sometimes it still isn't.

I saw him tonight. I cry every time I see him. I hug him and still feel safe.

We hung outside, chit chatted & smoked. He's moved on to much more sordid adventures. He has six slaves of different rankings all over the US. These chicks are way more hardcore than I am. Several of them have fetishes to be impregnated. Some to be caged. One to be mute.  What they have in common is that they are all totally unlike me. Willing to submit to the point of no return.

"Why didn't you ask me to do those things"
"Cause that was not your thing, nor my purpose."

Me, well me and Dave are now living together. It's been a wild ride. We fuck like rabbits, we play rough, we've been through some hardcore life stuff together. I get spanked pretty often. I've gotten used to the anal sex. 

I'm planning on becoming a sex worker of sorts-phone & cam girl to make some loot. Teacher wants me to help him do a video. 

Did I ever mentioned they have talked on the phone?

I do blog about it.


You'll see stuff here from time to time. 

I still love Teacher. I do and could not ignore the significance of our first meeting almost a year ago and the impact (he hates that word) that he has made upon my life.