State of the Sub Nouveau Address, Or I Am One Lucky Bitch

Note: Think this is going to be my last serious post for awhile, I have a backlog of fucking stories, but this is necessary to get back on track.

In only two months will be in the anniversary of my first meeting with Teacher. Pretty nuts. I was doing a mental recap of all that has transpired since he and I have first met and it is pretty mind boggling. I was no innocent when I first met him, in fact, I was a regular run-of-the-mill slut. Lots of drunken one-night stands, peppered with bouts of monogamy. Lots of boring mainstream fucking. I dressed like a tramp, flirted with dudes, but ultimately my rewards were slim.

I always thought of myself as a pretty decent fuck, but it has become increasingly apparent that I have blossomed into a very well trained slut thanks to Teacher's guidance, as well as inspiration from the smart motherfuckers who are blogging their personal smut along with myself. See, I big ass capital I am enjoying sex now like I have never have in my life. I am also having more sex now that I have ever had in my life, even when I was in long-term committed relationships.

Before I'd fuck, maybe I'd come if I was lucky, but like now I am hyper aware of my body and how it reacts during sex, how it interacts with my lovers, and how it affects my day-to-day life. From the clenching of my cunt around Teacher's or Mark's cock as I orgasm, to the gait of my walk. Teacher has not only molded me into a good beginnner sub, but a woman who is becoming much more confident interacting with others sexually. I have also had the pleasure of encouraging some vanilla girl friends of mine to become more proud of their sluttiness, and also had the displeasure of realizing a close friend is prude to her inner core.

In Teacher, I have found the calm in my storm. When Hurricane Subnouveau is blowing shit down with her 100 mph winds, Teacher can walk straight into the eye and make my sun shine. I can not imagine my life without my big giant Master.

In Mark, I have found my male mirror. He like myself, gets bored easily, and therefore we're always upping the filth ante. ike Teacher, he is a very un-selfish lover. I am also afraid I am falling very much in love with him and that my dear readers is not necessarily good, but I am not going to fight Cupid. That is Mark's job. He has tried to thwart Cupid's arrows, but Cupid is a tough little fucker. It is hard to explain the whole shebang, but Teacher is guiding me through a lot of my relationship with Mark. For instance, he's helped me get a tougher skin about Mark flirting with other women. "If he gets 1 X, you go get three!" So instead of clinging onto Mark while we socialize, being his shadow, cockblocking left and right, I go about my own business. Talking to men I know, talking to men I don't. While that is not unusual behavior for me, not sitting wasting my energy getting jealous is. It is working so far. Still I have a lot, a lot of fear. He's no holds barred.,

Teacher has been terribly busy with a big business deal and I started worrying he, even though he was the one busy, was irritated that I am spending a lot of time with Mark, but quite the contrary. He has been encouraging and has told me that he is glad I have Mark around, lest I be sitting around waiting for him.

So I started this earlier this evening & then Teacher came over. I read him the post & he laughed. We fucked. I adore him so.

Now that is all out of the way, I have so many crazy stories for you guys. I have lost count of the days I have not had sex, not had my face fucked, ass slapped, asshole probed, cunt used, throat coated with cum, nipples pinched.


Kitten said...

Aw, I'm so happy that you're happy! Glad to see that you have found some sort of balance between Teacher and Mark as well!