All day long I dream about sucking dick.
I do.
I think I am the reincarnation of an 18 year-old hormonal gay boy.

The more cum I swallow have the more I want it. I'm Countess Cumula.

Mark has been getting on my nerves a lot, he's very high maintenance, emotionally detached and whatnot, but still I think about going over to his apartment to suck his cock. Just that. I think about doing that and running, but he always traps me. Last night I sucked him off and the minute I got the first taste of pre-cum, I wanted to continue, to quench my thirst, to taste the little bit of power I have. Every time he tells me I'm one of the best cocksuckers he's had and he's had his cock sucked quite often, I glow. When he told me the other night that I've "improved," that sort of pissed me off, but I pointed out to him I was pretty nervous the first couple of times because he's so goddamn particular. I take that as a challenge.

Numerous times I've been told by men that it is difficult for them to get off by a blow job, and always, almost always I succeed. SUCKCEED.

But this power exchange goes both ways. When Teacher informed me just yesterday of how he was going to take over all management of my life, from what I eat, to how I spend my time and money, he sealed the deal by whipping out his hard cock and having me suck on it as he spoke to me of his ownership of me, my mouth, my body, my soul. I wanted to get him off so bad, so he would know that I am truly worthy of this energy he's spending on his fucked-up sub, but instead he pulled it out of my hungry mouth, zipped up his pants, and chuckled. He was not going to let me be his cum vampire.

When I was younger I had many men, or rather stupid boys force me to give them blow jobs, forcing my head down, humiliating me not giving me a chance to do it on my own volition, or at least hone my skills. This used to upset me, and sort of still does because these were not men worthy of my tongue. But, when Teacher or Mark grabs me by the throat and fucks my mouth I am appreciative of their animal lust. Also, when it is all said and done, they hold me and don't toss me out the door, shun me, or ignore me.


Baby said...

WOW, this brought back that whole memory of the Power Trip over a man with a blow job! Do I thank you or not? LOL Just kidding, now the lack of power and control is the crave!