This Bitch Got Fleshbotted-Again

Nothing warms the cockles, or the cocks of a sex blogger's heart than getting props on Fleshbot. It's been awhile, but I got my second round of props thanks to Always Aroused Girl. Here's the link to the when I lost my Fleshbot blog round-up virginity.

For those of you who have not been to this site before, a quick run-down: I'm still pretty new to the BDSM game, my Dom is "Teacher," and when I'm not busy getting my ass spanked, tits tortured, figuring out what it means to be a sub, I fuck around with other men. I hope you enjoy my filthy little tales. Subscribe, bookmark, jerk-off and please come back! After all, I don't plan on closing my legs or mouth any time in the near future.


MasterABD said...

I would certainly be upset if you closed your mouth or your legs, what what I do then. (unless of course you are closing them just for me) :op jk

I may not get to read everyday but I do read :O)