Does A Scene A Switch Make?

So I informed Teacher that I wanted to top a chick, specifically that little whore he played with awhile back, the sub newbie. He said he'd arrange it. This is the perfect outlet for me to work through my jealousy issues and get my rocks off at the same time. While I am definitely submisssive to men, I've always had lesbo fantasies that have involved me doing what I want to another woman, never them doing anything to me. So does that make me a switch? Or is that just a situational thing?

Anyway, I told him what I want to do that little bitch. I want to blindfold her, I'll have him hog-tie her as I can barely tie my own shoe laces. I may or may not gag her. Actually I might gag her and not blindfold her so I can see the terror in her eyes. I will probably get her ass all rigged out, then take a little smoke break across the room, making her slut ass wait.

I'll walk back towards her and blow my last puff of smoke out in her face, "You little fucking slut, what makes you think you can submit to my man, huh? Are you worthy as I am? I think not! You are most certainly not as pretty as I am? Look at you, you can't even keep the man you have (I'll throw in a lot of personal info I know about her relationship woes)."

When she starts tearing up from my verbal abuse, I'll start with a few thwacks of the crop to her ass. Teacher said she is not to be marked due to her relationship situation. That, of course, makes me want to mark her, but I must listen to Teacher.

"Can you suck dick my dear?"
She'll muffle "yes" through her gag.
"You can? How can you suck dick through a gag?"
"I bet you most certainly can't suck dick as well I, but I'll let you give it a whirl."
I'm thinking I'll have Teacher nearby to tease her with his cock, but then I'll fake her out and shove a big rubber dildo in her mouth, and shove it, and shove it until she gags.
"Oh my dear you can't seem to deep throat a cock. No wonder why you can't keep a man!
I will laugh in her face. I might slap her across the face a few times with the dildo. I honestly don't wish to bring her to subspace as much as I'd like to humiliate her. I'll then shove that dildo back in her mouth and tell her she is to keep it there and if it falls out of her fucking mouth I will make her regret the day she was born.
"Let's see, I think I need to see what you might have that a my man would want. It is obviously not your oral skills. Hmmm..."
I will walk behind her and without warning shove my dry finger in her cunt. "Let's inspect this pussy of yours. Spread your legs!"
Of course she can't spread her legs much because of the way she is bound, the stupid bitch struggles.
"Spread your legs! What a fucking moron!"
"Teacher did mention you had the IQ of a rat."
"Well that is not going to work. Roll over bitch and let me see those tits."
I'll push her over onto her back, exposing her breasts.
"Keep that dildo in your mouth!"
I pick up one of her breasts and let it slap back down onto her chest. From what I gather she has not the tautest tits in town and I will remind her as such. "Such a shame your tits look like they're from an 80-year-old National Geographic model. Look at my tits you sad thing, these my dear are what tits are supposed to look like" I will shove my breasts into her face, making the dildo pop out of her mouth."
"I said keep that fucking plastic cock in your mouth! You fucked up slut!" I pick up the dropped toy and smack the living shit out of her face swith it and pop it back in.
I grab her other tits and tug at her nipples, pinching them till her eyeballs pop out of her head.
"Enough of that. You're quite boring for a whore."
"I still need to get a gander at your cunt. Lord knows I can smell that thing across the room." I'll cackle. "You know, I think I need to have another smoke. Can you please hold this for me while I got get my cigarettes?" With one fell swoop, I slam a butt plug into her ass catching her totally off guard, she bites into the dildo. "Good job little slut, maybe you're an ass whore, or is that asshole?"
I go and have a few cigarettes and a drink, take a bathroom break and return to the room "Oh you're still there. Sorry to keep you waiting" I yawn. "So where was I? Oh yes, I need to give you an exam."
From there I unbuckle her feet but keep her wrists still bound. I remove the plug.
"Let's see this pussy" It is shaved bald.
"You were told not to shave bitch!" I pinch her labia till she squeels. Upon release, I spread her lips open, exposing her clit to the air. I take a quick lick, making her moan."
"The taste is alight, but I suggest you limit your fast food intake." I go slap on a pair of gloves and grab a bottle of lube. "Now I need to check out the size of your pussy. My man can't deal with a loose pussy." I slather the lube on my gloves and work my entire hand into her cunt, fisting her and she's buckling and trying her damnedest to keep that dildo in her mouth.
"That pussy is pretty loose girly, you might consider vaginal reconstruction surgery. I've hurt it doesn't hurt as much as this" and while I fist her with one hand I slam back in the butt plug, all dry and big into her ass. She gasps. Miss thing can't take it much more and I feel her vaginal muscles start to clench around my hand.
"I suggest you don't come at this time"
She moans.
"If you come you will regret it."
The bitch is in la-la land and I let her come around my hand, drenching me down past my wrist.
"Oh dear you came, you're going to have to get punished for that."
I go get the paddle. I have decided my spanking skills won't be as such to leave more than a bit of red on her ass, but enough to make her whine. I make her bend over with her hands on the nearby dresser, and give her about 20 wallops on the ass. The stupid thing is all teary eyed.
"Man you are a big ol' pussy. You think THAT hurts? And you want Teacher to play with you? I don't think you could handle it, much less your big cavernous hole of a cunt and beanbag tits!"
Oh she cries and cries.
"Don't be such a baby." I release her wrists, pull the dildo out of her mouth and the plug out of her ass and give her a quick hug. "Want some water."
She nods. I give her some. She continues to cry. "Quit blubbering. I have my own stress. Go take a shower." She obliges. She comes out in a towel, I make her dress, make her leave, and then go to have Teacher tie Me up and beat the ever living fuck out of me.


Thursday's Child said...

I don't know if this necessarily makes you a switch...but it was a very hot, though kind of scary, scenario. Kind of makes me wish I was her!

Sub Nouveau said...

When I wrote this I was upset about something totally not about my relationship and my anger definitely shows. I must say Teacher was a bit surprised at this side of me-the fantasy at least

Kinky Aoefe said...

Oh my! (huge grin)