Sex 2.0 Part 1


It was an amazing event. Worth way more than the $10 I spent. Major brainpower behind new sex media, erotica, sex work etc. was mind boggling. Needless to say I met some very cool people and feel not only more motivated to expand my sex writing horizons, but have also had a few seeds I had planted in my brain long ago finally sprout.

My three favorite sessions were on:

-Polyamory moderated by Cunning Minx, though I almost left when I heard the best places to meet poly people were at places that are so not my scene like sci-fi conventions, Renaissance faires, pagan festivals, but then she mentioned Kink, so I stayed put. She's was not only adorably animated, but very informative.
-Phone Sex and the Internet moderated by Lumpesse, a vibrant woman who, if I could, would totally want spend more time.
-Sex Blogging moderated by Viviane. This was my fan girl moment and I am happy to report she is a really cool woman, and a great speaker. I got some good tips, but also pleasantly surprised myself in finding out that I am doing a lot of things correctly.

There is SO much more to tell, but I've got to go get ready for the Fetish Ball. The conference was held in the dungeon where we're going tonight. As I told Teacher today, I'm not too scared about going to a dungeon for the first time now that I spent all day in one on folding chairs.


Viviane said...

I'm sorry about the wanker at the party.

I am very glad we finally met!

lumpesse said...

We MUST spend some more time together someday - please be in touch!