I've attempted numerous times to try to condense my last two weeks of debauchery into one big dirty post. It is impossible. Had I been smart, I would have posted daily, but alas I didn't. I give up. I'll just start in the middle.

With Teacher's blessing, I've been fucking around with Mark, quite a lot. The dude is fucking crazy, but that makes me want to fuck him more.

The second time we fucked, things were much more active than our inital session.
He, unlike Teacher, is not very much into foreplay, but that said somehow it is ok with him. He makes up for it in dirty talk and a big cock. He gnawed all over me, the back of my neck, my chest, my ears as he fucked me from behind. The same night he slapped me across the face as he fucked me, he also slapped my tits, and held me down in a chokehold as he fucked me into a multiple orgasmic frenzy. The most bizzare thing happened though, it was not the chokehold that made me lose my breath, at some point during this rough session, i lost my breath and blacked out for a second. I chalked it up to the most active fucking I've experienced in ages coupled with some intense orgasms. When were through the windows in his bedroom were fogged, we were drenched with sweat, and both our eyeglasses fogged up when we put them back on. I woke up the next morning sore and black & blue. My tit still has a bruise the size and color of a liver.
"Come over and let me eat your pussy before I play." Mark is a musician. "I love going out smelling like cunt." Not only did he go down on me, but proceeded to fist me, my first time experiencing this. It didn't take me long to come, my muscles clenched his entire hand almost instantly. "I'm not going to wash my hands." As he played that night, I sat there watching with a smile, knowing that as he sang the essence of my cunt co-mingled with his sweat. He dragged me back to his place that night and proceeded to fuck me once more.
"All I ask X is that you ask my permission to go see Mark," Teacher said to me last night. I have yet to lose my Vanilla guilt programing. "May I go see Mark Monday night?"
"Yes you may"
Tonight our sex was nothing to write home about, but I was able to get him off via a blow job and as I swallowed his cum, I felt satisfied knowing that I had suceeded where apparently many women had failed before. I always am afraid I'll lose my blow job chops. If I didn't have a mouth full of jizz, I would have let out a sigh of relief
"Fuckmeat" Teacher called me the other night. He's enjoying me catting around. Tonight he asked me "Do you feel like a slut?"
"I always feel like a slut."
"I guess I'd be more of a slut if I fucked both of y'all the same night."
"I can come over." Oh fuck.
"Ha!Ha!" he laughed. He knew I couldn't handle it tonight.
"You know what Teacher? What would be probably the most slutty if both you guys gave me a creampie the same day. Now THAT would be slutty."

"Sunday night your ass is MINE." Teacher informed me the other day.
I was fine with that. Sundays have been our night for a long time and I missed him terribly.
We spent a lot of time discussing my current dalliance, and well folks in the midst of our conversation, Teacher let out the "L" bomb! Yep, he didn't say "I love you x" directly, but in the course of discussing something. "You just said you loved me!" I kissed him. "You know I kind of knew you did, but was never expecting you to say as such and I figured that was OK."
Teacher showed me his love via a barehanded spanking after fucking me to orgasm. I was already exhausted, so that coupled with the orgasm the pain of the spanking dissapated very quickly and I ended up in a very sleepy-state like subspace. I would not be surprised if I was drooling. When Teacher was trying to rouse me from la-la land I had a hard time making a complete sentence.
Fucking has other benefits besides orgasm. I have also lost almost 10 lbs the last two weeks. I have felt incredibly sexy, and have enjoyed feeling the increasing tautness of my ass and hips. But, I am incredibly, incredibly tired. It has been hard to keep up with my basic stuff-like my blog, laundry, and even my tv shows! But the laundry and the tv can wait, my blog is much more important.


Curvaceous Dee said...

Sounds like you've been having one hell of a time! Thank you for sharing it with us :)

xx Dee