Damaged Lovers

Crazy. Both of us. Certifiable with medical records to prove it.
On the crazy scale I'm about a 6 and he's about a 9.
"Sickness attracts sickness," someone once told me, and they were fucking accurate.
Some of it happened during shipping, but most of it happened upon arrival.
Both of us.

I'm exhausted, so fucking exhausted as I write, but I want to write now not later. I am having a lot of confusion right now, a lot of stuff I'm refraining from sharing because it is too complex and some I need to run by Teacher first.

So I meet up with Mark prior to going out on the town. His roommates were not around and we had the house to ourselves, meaning I didn't have to worry about being loud. We always have
the music blasting, but still. Things went from zero to sixty in like two seconds. We were making out and then the next thing I know he slaps me across the face, he rips of my clothes, bites my neck and tugs at my hair. My mouth is directed towards hard cock. I lick and suck his swollen prick.
'Want me to fuck your face?"
"Whaha" Who can really talk with dick in the mouth? I can't.
My skull is grabbed and his cock hits the back of my throat again and again.
He gives me a moment to breath and then hits my tonsils again.
I'm a slut.
We fuck like animals, it was the kind of fucking where you just get into that groove where you become one entwined sweaty mass of fuck. We moved from a soft slow rythm, to him drilling my cunt like there's oil up dem dare hills. I see stars. I come like a monster. The luxury of being loud I take advantage of and moan from the depth of my gut.
I start to come again and he joins me, I feel him shake above me and release.
A few moments of post coital tenderness.
We must smoke outside.
"My heart is racing" Mark says as he gets dressed. I just am sitting there spaced out.
"Are you alright X?"
"Yeah, I am just a little out of it." Apparently getting your brains fucked out is not a euphemism.
We are out the bar, I'm waiting for my first drink. We mutually agree that we're both still a bit out of it. "Now that is a good natural high."
Yes it is. Too bad I don't stop at that.
Just me.
Not him.
He can hold his liquor.
Not I.

There are moments of tumult. I apparently think I can drive. He, thankfully does not agree.
We argue about this that and the other on the cab ride back to my apartment.
I say something that pisses him off, the shit gets emotional, he tells me some heavy shit.
"What about your shit X, you never tell me your shit."
I tell him why I'm crazy.
I cry. I'm mad because I cried.
Volatile both of us. We can explode at any second.
The whole thing is crazy and I know it, but that's how I roll.

The fighters fuck.
"You want me to fuck you in the ass X?"
"You know we couldn't do it before, you really want me to fuck you in the ass."
He was too big for me before, I couldn't make it past the head of his cock.
"Yes, I want you to fuck me in the ass!"
"You want me to fuck you in the ass?"
"Yes, yes, fuck me in the god damned ass!"

Being the sick person I am, I'm determined. Pain schmain.
My ass, his dick are lubed.
"You're not just getting the cock in the ass X, you're going to have this in your pussy while I fuck you."
I had just acquired a curved glass g-spot dildo.
DP=Double Pain
If you're going to be a slut, you better do it fucking right. Right?

The Jack Daniels is still floating around in my system and has properly done its job and numbed my asshole. It wouldn't have mattered at that moment.
My grave was dug. I brought the shovel.

It fucking hurt like a motherfucker, but I rode the pain and I rode the cock.
Mind over matter.
It pays to have a tight snatch. The dildo stayed in place and banged along with they rhythm of his cock.
Do your Kegels ladies. Every red light.
Pain coupled with pleasure is the name of the game.
The double stuffed cunt did the job and provided me with an orgasm.

I wake up.
He's snoring.
My head, my body, my ass are throbbing in time.
I was supposed to call Teacher.
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Anonymous said...

Damn, that is just so raw. Very hot. Love reading your blog. Hard to think after reading the post. Damn lack of blood.