Down The Hatch

I wanted one thing.
His cock.

Yesterday was Mark's birthday, but despite a text from him expressing his horniness for me, by the time I got to meet up with him, he seemed pretty fatigued. We laid on his bed, snuggled and chatted. After a few days of being cranky, my libido was in full swing and I was just not going to hang out. I had a limited time to be there, so I had to drop my sub hat for the evening and take the initiative. Mind you for those new to the blog, this guy is merely kinky, not a Dom.

As we snuggled, I scratched my fingers down his belly, towards the waistband of his jeans. I flapped at the loose piece of leather on his belt, "Well Mark, I think being that is your birthday you deserve something good. Would you like me to suck your cock?"

You didn't think he'd say "no" did you?

He didn't give me time to unbuckle his belt, he did it himself, and quickly unzipped his Levi's unveiling his hard-on to my eager mouth. I gave his cock a tongue-bath, moistening it before I took him between my lips, and deeper towards my throat. I learned early on that Mark was not too into the deep throat thing, despite my prowess, so I focused on working on and around the head, waiting for the salty taste of his pre-cum. As I worked on him, I remember a technique a friend told me a gay guy taught her her once, basically all it involved was moving your head back and forth pretty fast, I wish I could describe it better, but it did the job. It went from your average blow-job to Mark's legs tensing up giving me the que that he was going to explode and explode he did, a hot wash of cum made it's way down my throat and I secretly patted myself and my friend's gay pal on the back.

I put a lot of pressure on myself regarding blowjobs, I live in small pond and the last thing I want getting around is that I give head! I want all the boys clamoring to stick their cock down my whore mouth.

I'm that kind of girl.

We started hanging out some more, and I started thinking that my lover was going to be selfish this evening. One thing I never do is beg, so just as I started considering leaving Mark told me to take my pants off (I never did undress for the bj.)
"Let me eat that pussy." As much as I like giving head, he loves eating some cunt. You can tell when someone likes to eat pussy versus those who view it as just another sexual task. Those who love to eat pussy will go on without removing their tongue or coming up for air. These connoisseurs will go on about their business with the glaze of cunt juices on their face. Ain't nothing worse than a half-assed pussy eater. I'd rather read a magazine.

Mark is one of the better ones. He forcefully spread my legs which immediately made me wet. My labia were pulled apart and my clit perked up awaiting his licks. I almost thought he had spoken with Teacher because last night he found my magic spots..right under the clit and on on the right side, not dead on. As he worked I worked pumping the muscles in my pussy to further enhance the entertainment. I shall not reveal the record, but two songs into it I was digging my nails into his arm and came in one big pulse that ripped through my body. It felt pretty fucking good.

I can not lie, I would have loved to have that cock inside me last night, but the oral sex was pretty fab so I can not complain.

Tonight is Teacher's turn with me. My pussy is sure to not be hungry when he leaves!

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MasterABD said...

Believe me, being a dom/master has nothing to do with it. There was nothing I liked better then for my slave to take initiative in the bedroom. (sadly one of our constant fights)