A Little Ray of Sunshine

I'm over being a sad sack.

I was a nervous wreck all Friday until I met Teacher in the parking lot of the bank so I could pay him part of the money I owed him. We started talking and apparently I was not the only one he had been pissed at, I was just one of many and well I felt more of it probably than anyone, so all is good.

But as I write, we were supposed to be meeting up with another couple for some play and well they wimped out apparently. Seems like people flake out a lot in this community. It honestly worked out for the best as I am on my period and that would have taken some fun out for me...with the chick at least. Teacher has earned his red wings many times over.


MasterABD said...

I too have earned my red wings many times over. Honestly I think I know more women opposed to the idea then men, wonder why that is.

Glad to see you aren't one of them, but I can imagine how it would take the girl-girl fun out (at least would out some sort of toys)

Naughty Girl said...

I'm a personal fan of period sex, but realize that it isn't for everyone. I'm just not one of those everyone.

Songs said...

You know, I never understood why people stopped fucking when the girl was on her period. It's just a little blood..mucus..whatever. Mine gets washed away with wet anyway. I respect a man more who'll fuck me during than one who pussies out.
Bear has too earned his redwings..I'd rather he didn't, fucking is fine, but -shrug-

MasterABD said...

Funny seems a lot of people online are willing, now why can't I find one offline!! :o)

Sub Nouveau said...

You just haven't met super freaky chicks like us!

MasterABD said...

You are so right, I've met a lot of freaky chicks, and had a lot of fun with them, but never any as super or as freaky as you ladies :O)