Like Gag Me! Or How I'm Avoiding The Real Shit

I have my own, personal, never used by another sub, gag coming in the mail. I think it is the "never used by another sub" part that makes me happy. Any time I've used the ball gag that Teacher has I get annoyed thinking about this one particular bitch who's teeth marks I know are in it. Bad enough we've shared Teacher's cock, but somehow the gag really fucking bugs me. It is equivalent of a lipstick stain.

Funny thing is not that long ago, the thought of being gagged terrified me. Nothing looked more horrific to me than images of women bound and gagged, looking utterly helpless.

Now I wanted to be gagged.
1. Because my fucking mouth seems to get me in trouble. Men's dicks get them in hot water, women's mouths bring them down.
2. I'm always having to stifle my screams due to neighbors, I'm sick of chewing on my arm, my blanket, whatever is handy to do as such.

I'm also excited about this particular gag because I've been eying it and the additional matching accessories. I know Teacher could give a shit if I'm matchy, matchy, but you can't take the girly girl out of me.

Once this gag arrives, I'm going to save up some loot for the matching cuffs and blindfold, which looks very Kill Bill-ish to me for some reason. I have some vintage watch bands that look like the cuffs, hell I'd rock at least one of them out without even thinking twice about it. The collar is pretty cool as well, it even has a matching leash.

I know this is a rambling post, I'm actually avoiding what is truly on my mind and that is that Teacher is pretty annoyed with me right now--from the loan to the scene faux pas to screwing up some important plans, I'm on his shit list. I have a punishment coming, I am certain. Meanwhile I've being punishing myself, and just being able to tell he's irritated with me over the phone is punishment.


Naughty Girl said...

I'm sure your matchy matchy gag will be perfect! But, I have to say that a comforter works great in a pinch. ;)

Knowing you've done something to displease your guy is never fun. I hate that waiting for him to bring it up period. Hopefully things work out ASAP!