Finger In The Honey Pot

I just learned new slang word tonight, "fapper." I'm usually up on things, and pride myself as such, but somehow that word got under my crusty 30 something year old radar. To "Fap" is to jerk off. "Shikking" is for chicks. It is apparently derived from a comic onomatopoeia. Not my scene, but I appreciate the lingo.

Anyway later on I decided to relax after a stressful day by stretching out on my bed with my hands in my panties. While I was conjuring up a sexy fantasy, which being ADHD sometimes involves some mental channel surfing. So in the midst of imagining going down on this hot chick I ran into this weekend. This truly gorgeous girl once who once finger fucked in my friend's bathroom and said shit like "You like me fucking you slut." So I'm getting myself in the mood, and then I realized something very current:

Teacher is my first long time lover who has not requested to see me masturbate.

It got me wondering. Is it because he's older and is jaded? Is it just not his thing, or he has just not got around to it? Maybe being non-Vanilla its no big deal. After all he's the first truly non-Vanilla man to get his hands on my pussy.

Now that I bring it up, I must mention it is a non-issue. I could care less if he never asked me to do as such. Of course if he asked, I would oblige, no problem. None at all .