Pumped Up

Even though Sunday was on the emotional side, Teacher did manage to once again find something new to stimulate his easily distracted sub.

I was laying on my back, wrists locked above my head, and I felt him attach something to my left nipple that was neither a clamp or clothespin. I lifted my head up enough to see it was a plastic syringe sans needle.

"What are you doing Teacher?"
"Shhh..lay back down." I did as told.

As he pumped the syringe, I felt my nipple being pulled upward. I had seen clit pumping and pussy vacuuming pictures on line, and that had always looked kind of fucked up but hot, so I was elated he had found, by accident, a curious fantasy of mine.

Also, I know that large nipples and nipple enlargement are something that arouses him. He's relayed numerous stories of Dom acquaintances who have this, that and the other to make their sub's nipples larger. I don't mind hearing these stories, because most of them are not that scary, but he knew some crazy sadistic Dom who--ladies don't get sick-had his sub's labia removed and now she just has, well a hole. I made the stupid mistake of looking up a picture of such and almost hurled. Pierce me, shave me, plug me, stretch me, lock my cunt up, but please leave the equipment I was born with alone. Even I who once considered labioplasty to make mine model perfect, find this beyond horrific. But I guess to each D/s, their own.

Oh, nipples, so I have pretty big areolae, but the actual pointy part is not that long. Nor am I prone to visible nipple exposure, which is a non-issue when you have huge tits like mine because people are always talking to them anyway!

Even though the vacuum effect of the syringe on my nipple was manual, it was incredibly intense and erotic. When he had finished pumping the left nipple I caught a peek and it had grown in length at least 3 times it's normal size. Teacher moved on to the right nipple and repeated the act.

When he removed the syringes, not unlike removing clamps, my nipples were extremely sensitive, even though they shrunk down to closer to their normal appearance. The mere flick of his tongue had me moaning.

After a long time of devotion to my girls, he brought the syringe down to where I actually wanted it, my clit. I'll have to find the video and post it here, but I saw a clip of a guy pumping his woman's clitoris and then fucking her with a dildo. You couldn't see either one of their faces, but it was so arousing, I watched it times over. I tried in vain various implements to recreate the effect on my own, but it never reached the level of the woman in the video and I gave up.

Whether we like to think of it or not, the clit is pretty much a minuscule cock, but we have the benefit of having more nerve endings. I could see how a dude might be weirded out by a big clit or even enlarging one temporarily, but lucky for me Teacher is open-minded in vaginal transformation.

We had fucked around before he had put the syringe on my clit, so I was already half-way to an orgasm. The feeling of having my clit pumped was a whole other level of intensity, one that bordered on painful. Still, knowing he was altering my body for pleasure and knowing that my clit was engorged beyond it's regular capacity turned me on to a point where I think my brain was having a hard time registering the sensation, if that is possible. When Teacher removed the pump, my clit was throbbing to the point where I wanted him to touch it, but not touch it. Oh man, I rarely get hot writing my own blog because I'm so focused on the words, but I am very much now. I really wanted him to do it again and again and again, but the fucking clock!

Here's a good article about vacuuming, pumping etc. Go figure, it is even used medically.

Here's the video, some of you may love it, other's not, but I think it is hot. That is the kind of vacuum I hope Teacher (hint, hint baby) gets.


Anonymous said...

Just posting to say I love your blog!

Kitten said...

I've never heard of this! I'm off to read up all about it!


Naughty Girl said...

I've never heard of this either! Not that I'd be against trying something like this, but I'm glad to hear that everything goes back to normal size!

brian said...

My wife and I enjoy pumping her clitoris. If done gently and patiently, it can engender some extremely powerful orgasms. She has orgasmed with the pump alone, or after pumping, her enlarged clit can make direct contact with my penis. This is her favorite! The touch of the enlarged clit (about 3x larger)to the head of my penis is "heavenly", or so she says. If it is done lovingly and playfully and with great care to cause no pain at all, it is a wonderful part of our sensual repertoire. I recommend getting the expensive one with the gauge and hand pump. The cheap ones are, well, cheap.