Be Careful What You Wish For

"X be careful what you wish for," Teacher said with smirk. Well I don't know if he was smirking because we were on the phone, but he certainly sounded like he did.

He took my BDSM wish-list to heart. In a few weeks we will be having a little fetish fĂȘte with another Dom and his slave. Sounds good on paper, but having never been in such a situation I would be a total liar to not say I'm not a bit nervous. But I'm excited. Very excited. So much so that it has been the main topic of all my masturbatory fantasies since he's shared his plan with me.

I have not been with another MF couple in a vanilla situation either. I have been with two guys at one time--thank you Jack Daniels! I did have a MFF threesome but it was a coke fueled evening and it ended up being more like me and the dude and the chick passed out.

Anway, this situation is going to be different on many levels. One it is planned. Two I'll be sober. Three, and most importantly, I will be involved as a submissive.

Teacher and I have yet to play in public, much less with another couple. I have also yet to mingle with those in my local kinky community, so this two will be very interesting for me to see another D/s couple interact.

One thing I have given much though to and have brought up to Teacher is protocol and my behavior around the other couple. He and I have our own thing, and I think he's possibly more lenient with me than the other Doms I read about. Part of this I think is that he knows my nature is like one of a young calf trying to stand up for the first time on wobbly legs coupled with Mr. Magoo and perhaps early-onset Alzheimer's. Imagine if you will a three-year old running around, switching from toy to toy to toy wreaking havoc and finally the mother yanks the kid and tells them to sit down. That my readers is me. Now as I write this I'm sure I'll have hell to pay for saying he's taken it easy on me.

Now I told Teacher I want to know exactly how to behave, as I want him to be a)proud of me as his sub and more importantly b)I know I am a reflection of him and I want to make sure he is regarded as the good Dom that he is. He told me that he had already planned to have that discussion with me. Good to know we're on the same wavelength.

So I'm certain he and this other Dom I'll call, hmmm, Mr. Spank must have something up their sleeves. I mean, I know I would. Considering the competitive nature of men I would imagine I might be in for some intense pain, major mindfuckery, and God willing a mouth full of pussy and cock.

Speaking of pussy and cock, I must say that I'm mostly aroused by the thought of possible interaction with the other sub. My current fantasy has us tied together in such a manner that our cunts are smashed together, clit touching clit, making it virtually impossible to not come. I've thought a lot how I will handle it if Teacher fucks that woman. I think I can deal with it as this is not a local situation. Somehow that makes it OK with me. Not to mention that her man will be there. I think a single chick is where I'd be threatened. I am also a bit of a voyeur so just getting to see live and person some beatings and fuckings seems like a total party to me. Being fucked by the other Dom at this point is not really on my mind. I would though, be interested in an attempt at some good ol' dp-double penetration.

I think I watch too much porn.

photo from wiredpussy