Plug It Up-Updated

There on my doorstep was a package when I got home, inside was something I've been looking forward to trying--my first butt plug.

I'm going to wait for Teacher to give me some instructions on how he wants me to use this thing. I still, I am afraid, a bit in noviceville with the ass stuff though I'd like to think I am not. I've never been one to play with my ass while masturbating, so this will be interesting.

It is bright pink and silicone. Those stainless steel ones look awesome, like they might even provide a bit of cooling relief--ha! But I must start small, right?

Update: So I just spoke with Teacher a moment ago and told him of the package. Well two seconds into the conversation when I told him I was clueless, I started blushing and giggiling like I just met him. I have not blushed in God knows how long, much less been embarrassed as such. What cracked us both up was that I, ME, the her filthiness blushed. He said "we'd work on it," regarding my usage.