When I got off of work, I called Teacher as I always do and he was not there. Instead of thinking that he was probably working on his project, I started obsessing that instead he was with my arch nemesis. The more I thought of it, the angrier I got, even though I knew that I was more than likely full of shit. We didn't have plans for the night, so I decided that the healthy thing for me to do was to just turn my phone off so I would not obsess about him calling me. I did as such, and busied myself with Internet crap for at least an hour. Around 11:30, I turned the phone back on, he had called and sounded a bit miffed, as he had planned on seeing me. Immediately, I rang him and he said he'd turn around and come over. Still, to me, he sounded disappointed.

After he hung up the phone, I ran to my bedroom, tore off my clothes, and put on my new boots. Dressed, or rather under dressed, I ran around lighting candles and dragged a big cushion to the foyer. I called him back, "The door is open." Usually this is a prearranged situation, as I have mentioned previously he's instructed me to leave my door unlocked and be ready to present myself. This time I decided to do it on my own volition.

There in the darkness, in front of my door, I kneeled in my presentation position until my feet went numb, then I rearranged myself on all fours and just practiced breathing. The breathing allowed me to unwind a bit and I began to feel at peace. When my knees grew weary, I went back to my presentation position. How long I sat there, I am unsure, but when he opened the door, I could not help myself but look up. Teacher looked shocked to see me as such, as he did not request me to do so. He put his keys down, and crouched down to my level, and lifted my head up by the chin and kissed me. Immediately I started sobbing. It was one of those moments where my submission felt tactile, real.
"What is wrong X?"
"I...," I stammered through the tears "I don't know."
Honestly at that second, I was unsure myself. He led me to my room. I hugged on him for a long time, feeling so safe against my baby's chest. "I guess I felt like I disappointed you, not being available." He laughed. I told him the truth, how I had turned off the phone and why. He knows how I feel, and how I obsess about things, so I think he understood. I am such a stereotypical emotional woman at times it makes me want to puke. It ended up that he had a very rough day, and that is why he sounded so weary when we had spoken.

So we hung out for a long time smoking and talking, oh yes, he loved the boots! Then I remembered what I had hanging amongst my belts. "Ooh, I have something to show you!" I wiggled my way over to the closet,"I got something new to review. It is called a "Viper's Tongue" and I added my own snake hiss sound-effect that was more amusing than sexy. "I'm going to need your opinion as well since you'll be wielding it, not me."

I handed it to him, and silly me since he didn't have his case with him, I just assumed he'd probably take a few swings and we'd really use it another time. So I got myself on all fours and stuck out my ass for him to test out the Viper's Tongue. Before I go on, I must note that since we've met I've only experienced a leather flogger a few times as his stuff had been stolen not long after we started my lessons, so really most of my leather/flesh experience has been from the riding crop.

So my ass is out and I have no idea what to expect. The few initial swats at my tush were tolerable, but quickly went to me feeling like my ass was on fire. Back and forth, back and forth, up and down my tender bottom and back. Oh I was cussing up a storm, it hurt so fucking much I was pulling my own hair. At some point I grabbed an adjacent pillow and started biting into it. One day I wish to not have thin walls and nosy neighbors so I can honestly scream! He paused for a second and I though "Whew, thank God" and then he started again. I was kicking my feet like a little kid who just got punished, and I kind of felt like one as well. There was another pause and Teacher started again,but this time with his bare hands. My ass sort of was numb, but not if that makes one iota of sense, because as he laid the blows on my ass it started to feel like I was getting pummeled by his fist (I asked him later on, he wasn't). Just as I started getting used to the hands, damn if Teacher didn't switch back to the Viper's Tongue. "You're getting some great marks." I have never used my safe word with Teacher, and I came close.

As my back was to him, I was unable to see that he had cock had hardened. So he slapped down the leather to my own hide again and again, and occasionally running his fingernails down the redness, and I'm thinking of yelling for mercy when he put the flogger down long enough to pull me back onto his hard dick.

Apparently I was so focused on the blows, that I didn't realize that the rest of my body was reacting as well, because the minute his cock entered my cunt, it contracted and grasped onto his thickness and I instantly shuddered with orgasm. Teacher continued to thrust into me, balls deep, all the while flogging my oh so sore bottom! I had never felt anything like it before. Thrust, thwack. It was also a major mindfuck. One millisecond I'm overcome with arousal, and then next blip of time I'm overcome with pain. Every nerve in my body was on red alert and as Teacher took his final thrusts before shooting his load inside me, I too was groaning with yet another orgasm.

Not one to leave me alone, Teacher withdrew his cock, and using the cum that was dripping out of my pussy he started rubbing on my clit, it was already so engorged it was almost painful when he laid his finger upon it. Teacher knows my sweet spots, but last night I developed a new one, it was directly under my clit, neither right nor left, and it gentle upward strokes, this sub was writhing around as soaking cunt drenched his hands. Even as I laid down next to Teacher, I still shuddered with orgasms that were pending in the que.

When all was said and done, I reached over to feel the damage done, nice thick dotty welts where strewn across my skin. Yet again I had reached a new level in my submissiveness to Teacher. I did what came naturally, to be there prepared for him. He did not need ask, I did what I did because that is what I am to do. Not to mention, I hit new heights on the pain and pleasure scale.

I have yet to post my review for the Viper's Tongue, but I can promise you guys it will be most definitely positive.

Update: Most importantly I forgot to add that today, I could barely walk.


HisGirl said...

Wow for you & your Viper! Fantastic post, very hot. Sounds like you & Teacher had a great night after you got the static from your respective days worked out. The darn world just always seems to get in the way doesn't it? i completely understand though, i sometimes bring things home that have nothing to do with Him, but darn if i don't try to make it seem that way in my head. Way to turn it around girl!
-His girl

MJ's Slave said...

By jove..i think we have our next Sugasm!! i am loving sharing your journey into submission and hearing about each new step and experience.

i am curious what Teacher said about turning off the phone..i am obviously in a different situation, but not answering the phone would have precluded any joy from that beating!! lol...glad he understood..i HATE arch nemesis's lol...even slaves can have green eyes!