100% Organic

As previously noted on this blog, sometimes the things that arouse me the most are the most simple. They happen organically and are not part of a "scene" per se; they just happen.

For instance, the other night Teacher and I were just doing some good old fashioned fucking. Nothing planned. We were just sitting there talking, and this is so nerdy, the origins of the Internet and he was telling me some first hand anecdotes of his participation in earlier military applications and I couldn't help myself, but I think I was just so damn turned on by his mind that I leaned in closer and laid a big ass kiss on him. So the kissing segued into a nice blowjob. He's not the most vocal lover, so when he blurted out "Good Girl," I just creamed myself then and there. Good Girl. Damn the suffragettes, I get off by being called "girl." Despite our immense age difference, this has never been a age play relationship, in fact I would entirely be skeeved out by calling him "Daddy" but when he uttered those two words while I was choking on his dick, all drooly and teary, I felt not only proud of my skills, but oh so submissive!

Later on he tossed me over and held each of my wrists down as he fucked me. This, my dear readers, is something that I love just as much as I do being tied up. I've had a few other lovers do this, but I always had to instigate them into doing as such. Teacher, being naturally Dominant just did it, because that is what he does. He took a moment to a pause and just look at me and smiled. I returned the smile, as being pinned down and being used as his fuckdoll brings me enormous pleasure mentally and, well physically.


Malcolm said...

I love your blog. Just discovered it. You speak it as it is.