My play date with Teacher Saturday night truly took it's toll on my body. I was on a high the day after, but the next day and even the day after that I was exhausted and sore! Vanilla sex never did that to me. If I was sore and tired the next day it was because I was hungover. Teacher said it was because of all the endorphins. In my mind I'd like to be flogged daily, but I don't think I could handle it.


HisGirl said...

i completely understand. You're always braver & stronger in your head than in real life! :-)

Head up! Get some rest!

-His girl

Karl Elvis said...

I don't think anything that intense should be experienced daily. Peak experience stops being peak if there are no corresponding valleys.

wanting it every day if good, I think, while having it, not always so much.

Meanwhile, I discovered yesterday that it isn't really easy to flog someone properly in the back of a minivan. Still, it's worth the effort.