Sub With Her Head Cut Off

For the last hour I've been scrambling around trying to prepare according to Teacher's instructions. None of them were out of the ordinary, but one of his requests was for me to "have the bed clear." Sounds simple, except I'm a huge slob. So I ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off straightening up. Oh, but then he wants me to "wear the boots you wore the other night." Damn if one of them got sucked into the abyss. I panicked, but luckily thanks to my personal guardian angel who helps me find everything I lose, it showed up.

The biggest challenge is going to be this. "Put on some music that puts you in the mood." Well my darlings what puts me in the mood are songs that most people would not deem romantic. I like my music like I like my spanking, heavy and often pretty dark. Teacher on the other hand is no fan of the rock, which makes it even more amazing that I adore him. I really don't even own anything mellow, except some Roxy Music, but I played that before and it doesn't get me into the mood.

I've been sick, and well this is going to sound ridiculous and under normally circumstances TMI, but I thought I'd share this, I am not taking my cold meds until after he leaves because most over the counter cold remedies will dry everything out, your nose and your twat. Seriously.

On a positive note, I am to be sans clothing which is one less stressor.


Curvaceous Dee said...

So what music did you pick in the end? Enquiring minds would like to know :)

xx Dee

Slave2JS said...

That's so funny dee...i was going to ask the very same thing...


MJ's Slave said...

lol...dee and i think the same..i came here to post about the music, too...the sound track to "BladeRunner" is amazing scene music and i bet Teacher would like it..the movie is great, too, if you haven't seen it.