Bound, Gagged, Smacked, Fucked

Dueling cases of colds did not hold me and Teacher back from meeting up last night. Amongst boxes of Kleenex and bottles of Nyquil, we made room for some action. As I write I feel like utter ass, but I'll tough it out long enough to share the goods.

Things changed up a bit from my previous post, as we ended up running some errands and well, that involved me dressing up to go out in the cold, but when we got back, he had me undress, put on my corset lace boots and stand up on my knees. Candles were lit and we were quickly back in the mood.

He attached cuffs to both my wrists and ankles, and then connected those so I was linked together but still facing straight ahead. Taking two neckties he had left at my apartment, he applied on to my eyes as a blindfold,and one as a gag. As I did mention, I put on some of my music, and he was cool with it, as he said it was for my pleasure. (I am sorry I can not divulge the band name, as they're pretty obscure and I've been ranting about them to my friends, but let's just say it's some doom metal). Go figure though, I don't really recall hearing the music other than the noises in my own head.

Teacher started out by lightly flogging my tits. He really hasn't flogged my tits much, so this was a new sensation. I must have liked it because I recall sticking my chest out for more. Blindfolded, I honestly fell into subspace pretty damn quickly. I felt myself go a bit limp, that was until he started flogging my back and ass with the Viper Tongue. That damn thing feels like 101 bees stinging all at once and all I know is I started moaning to the point I almost felt I was going to speak in tongues. I had never heard this sound come out of me before, I wasn't crying or yelling, but one long extended groan. How long he flogged, who the hell knows, I know my ass was almost numb when he roused me from my state by scratching down either cheek, at that point I kind of wanted to stay where I was in my head, but he wasn't having any of that, he unbuckled my wrists as they were apparently changing colors, and had me place my hands on the bed with my ass facing him.

I heard the click of the lube bottle open, and then a cold slick of the lube was applied to my asshole. It had been awhile since we've had anal sex, but I was prepared as I would ever be. He took his time working his cock into my anus, and then fucked me oh so hard. Teacher, was talking dirty to me, I wish I can recall what he was saying, because he's normally not a big talker while fucking me. That said, I knew he was enjoying himself immensely. Something happened with me though, I think I got so detached while being flogged, that I just couldn't, or possibly didn't want to get off. No particular reason, I think I knew I just didn't have it in me. Being sick and then going into subspace was a lot on my body. I didn't dislike it, I think this session was just not sexual for me, and Teacher told me later on that that is OK. Meanwhile Teacher got out the flogger and started whacking my back. That, I did enjoy, it is almost like a massage for me as I hold all my tension in my neck, back and shoulders.

When Teacher came in my ass, I curled up next to him, still bound at the ankles, gagged and blindfolded. He took off my blindfold and I just started sobbing. "I don't know why I'm crying!" I muttered.

"You don't have to have a reason X" and he held me for a long time. "I can't imagine anyone doing what we just did and just leaving the sub," I said to him.

"That would be rotten, this is aftercare and it is very important, plus I like lying with my little X (insert his pet name for me)" I then told him how I read about aftercare prior to us meeting and how I was terrified that I'd meet someone who would just leave me high and dry, like many men, albeit Vanilla men, had done before.

Sometimes I think all my posts might seem the same, but I know they are not. Each time we do what we do, it gets to be more intense, more of a mind fuck.

It wasn't the smartest thing in the world to play while we were both all sniffley, but I am glad we did.


Slave2JS said...

What a beautiful dynamic you and Teacher have. i can really sense the compassion and the passion that you both have for each other...sniffles and all.

Thank you for sharing this.


HisGirl said...

Hey girl, been busy with work, but what great posts to come back to! Thank you! Amazing week you had.
-His girl

Kitten said...

I often will have cry or have some unpredictable emotional moment right after and couldn't imagine not having Him there. Aftercare is so important and the way Teacher holds you after is so important for your connection.

Hope your sniffles clear up soon!