Not too much on the sub front as I'm still a tad sickly. Teacher came over and kept me warm for a bit last night, he's better than any blanket. Still, he found a way to make me suffer though giving yours truly the dutch oven! P.U!

I'm anxiously awaiting my next toy to review from edensfantasy. If you write, you should totally sign up to be a reviewer. Without going into full detail, if you're selected to participate, you pick out a toy to review and they'll send it to you and so on. Not only do you get to keep your writing chops up, but you can test out some cool toys. There is no charge for shipping, or anything. Seriously. Once you've set up your account, click on the "contributor" tab and submit your writing sample.

Hmmm, I found a new sub blog that is a worthwhile read, Puppygirl's Kennel.

Guess that is it. Think I'll go watch some porn.


HisGirl said...

Hope you feel better, we've just gotten through the colds ourselves. Good to know you could make it work for you! Went to the puppy site, you're right, well worth the read!
-His girl

Devilbluedress said...

Eden is fun! I just got an NJOY. I can't wait to play with it... I mean... Isn't that what everyone wants?