My First HNT, Clothespin Included!

I've finally remembered to post a pic for HNT. I figured since this is a BDSM blog, a clothespin would be an appropriate accessory for my breasts (I could only get one to fit in the frame, woe is me!) The scratch and freckles were already there.

PS. Thanks to Kinky Aoefe for jogging my memory, or make that mammary. Aoefe's is ultra sexy!



Kinky Aoefe said...

I think yours is ultra sexy chickie! I love me a tight clothespin!


My Fiancee is HOT © said...

Very sexy would love to pinck that beautiful nipple

Have a great HNT and a wonderful weekend



HisGirl said...

Great picture girl! Happy HNT!! He is not into this, so i won't be playing, must live vicariously through my blog pals!

Slave2JS said...

UGH...i TOTALLY forgot about HNT. i'll have to talk to aoefe about that...sometimes a slave needs a little reminder! :)

Glad you remembered...great way to start!


Curvaceous Dee said...

Looking good, hon! It's rare that I can cope with pegs on my nipples, as they're usually too sensitive. So colour me envious :)

HHNT, xx Dee

jay kay said...

ouch hppy HNT

MJ's Slave said...


giving me that tingly feeling...i KNOW you know the one i mean! ;>0

little girl said...

Totally lickable.


i'm back... did you know yet? In advance, thank you for the tributes. i want you to know i'm back.