Nice Review

One of my many obsessions is checking my site stats. I don't look at the numbers as much as what other sites have referred visitors to this blog. Anyway, a site I added to my side bar awhile back has put up a very nice and honest review of my blog.

One thing both reviewers did note that I did have a lot of crap on my side bar and advertisements. True. Some are required reciprocal links to various directories, others yes, are advertisements. I do change them up quite a bit and I'm experimenting. Mostly at this point, just to get the hang of being an adult webmaster. There is a lot to learn. I've made less than $4! So obviously I'm not in this for the money. In fact, most companies won't even pay out until you make at least 50 bucks.

Anyway, despite all that they enjoyed the content and that is what this blog is truly about. This month I know has been slow for stuff about myself and Teacher. We haven't had a whole hell of a lot of time together to play, but as we discussed this evening, we'll be back to our fun and games soon enough.

So check out "The Naughty Guide" for not only the review of Sub Nouveau, but other sexy sites! If you're a blogger, definitely submit your blog.


Kinky Aoefe said...

Great review chickie! I submitted my blog and now wait (biting my fingernails)!


Slave2JS said...

Yes...great review.

i had submitted my blog quite some time ago, and really appreciated the insight they gave when they reviewed me...gosh, i better check to see if it's time for an updated review!

have a great holiday!