My Dirty, Dirty Secret

Porn. I love it. I'm probably wrong, but I think I watch it more than your average woman. Sometimes I think more than even your not so average woman. I haven't even dicussed this much with Teacher, but I have a hunch I probably watch more than I do.

Not only do I watch it, but I keep up with the ins and outs, no pun intended, just like I do with mainstream celebrities. So I read AVN and TMZ.

I haven't bought any porn in quite awhile, as have never set up my home theater system in my new apt, but I watch my fair share online, and most of it is free :Xtube,youporn,porntube,porkolt,megerotic,myfreepaysite...

There was a point where I thought I had a problem with it, about three years ago where I couldn't leave the house without watching some. That has long passed and now my interest comes in spurts. Swear that is not another pun.

I go on kicks for different types of porn. One week it will be gang bangs, the next lesbian orgies, or my current facisnation with Lesbian Bukkake aka Squirt Bukkake. Hell I bet there are lots of women who have no fucking idea what regular bukkake is! Part of me finds it fucking hilarious, and the other half is incredibly turned on by these chicks talking smack to the victim and then ejaculating their girly jizz all over the girl who ultimately loves it. Guy on girl bukkake doesn't do it for me. One week it will be black chicks, or anal, or fisitng, or hairy, or college chicks, or whatever.

Oddly enough, I rarely watch any BDSM videos. Go figure. I'm a weirdo.

I do know part of it is that I have not really, save for a few episodes, been able to satisfy my desires to be with women. Part of it is merely facination with what other women look like.

Where I am going with this post, who knows, but I just felt like sharing.

Lesbian Bukkake, this chick looks pretty bored.

Hot amateur fisting/strap-on

ashley blue double anal-she's a champ!@


SongsAbout said...

Hi, Been Reading For A While, Just Started Up My Own Sex/Relationships Blog, Anyway, Yours Is One I've Linked Back To, Didn't Want To Leave You In The Dark :)
Feel Free To Read/Critique,

Mystress said...

Good day,
Just wanted to thank you for posting us as a link on your page. Never been considered a 'tough chick' before but I like the idea. If I may however.. Tis Mystress.. not Mustress.. although there's a good chance that My pet would like the 'Must' part. (smile)

As far as your 'dirty secret', I like porn too. It varies what I'm in the mood for. Often I like the girls on girls, but like you, I much prefer being with men, and manly men like My Paladin at that.
And I must admit, that there is something quite amazing about having such a strong creature totally under My Control. When he kneels before Me, its is certainly better then any porn or anything else that's out there.

He has a song he's played for Me called 'coin operated boy'.. We joke sometimes about him being that. At 5 months, it's still a new experience for us both, but one that we are quite enjoying.

Anyways.. thanks again for adding us. Best to you in all ways,

Sub Nouveau said...

Corrected & added!
Glad you like the blog!

Sheen V said...

Oh my! That lesbian bukkake is doing the trick for me!! Thank you so much for posting it!!