Stuffed Like a Turkey

Full, bloated by a sodium soaked meal ranging in color from beige to brown, it is hard to feel sexy after a day of indulging. There are plenty of meals that are sexy, but Thanksgiving is just not one of them. I'm sure green bean casserole was not how the Puritans tamed their libido, but it does the job.

Yesterday was a different story, I felt light as a feather and thanks to Mother Nature I was oozing sex. Hell I woke up with my hands down my panties. Women may not get morning wood, but my little nervy nub was ready for a rub down the minute my alarm blared in my ear. If Teacher had not blessed me with his company, well I am certain I would have spent the night having a one-woman orgasm party.

Folks, I am unsure what is in the air, but the last two times I've spent with him we've had the most fucking intense, well, fucking. It was like we've amped up our intimacy. Monday our flavor was primary vanilla, but I did not complain. I was told I was being "coquettish" and you know he just brings that out in me. I do tend to be a bit of a flirt, silly, and at times a bit of a sexpot. It has always been my nature. But when I see his face, it is like my entire being erupts into one giant smile. I don't HAVE to TRY to be submissive around him, because it just comes naturally.

I've always had a bit of a hand man fetish. Give a guy a hammer and some nails and my panties get damp. So when Teacher came over to fix one of the multitude of broken items in my hovel, just seeing his pile of tools made me want his tool.

As he sat at my desk working, he asked me to plug something in. I crawled underneath and found myself right in easy access of his cock. If he would have let me I would have stayed down there an sucked him off, but I knew by his focus that it was wise for me to just get the hell out of the way. I sat in my room trying to focus on this awesome book I'm going to be reviewing here, doing all I could not to go bug him. I peeked out and saw him plugging away and it made me happy to know that he was there to take care of me. I didn't ask him to do any of this, he merely got wind of what was fucked up. Knowing that he did that on his own accord made me beyond appreciate, and well increasingly horny.

I never understood nor respected any woman who felt like they were "obligated" to fuck a man, because he bought them dinner or was their husband. To me is it something you just do, because well I enjoy it. I like to fuck. I like to suck dick. I like to know I made someone else have an orgasm. So while having sex with Teacher after he fixed my crap might seem to an outsider that it was part of the deal, it is something that I just do because I like him! I don't even think this is a submissive issue, it just seems like the common sense, healthy way to be.

That all said don't think I didn't enjoy him pinning me down, or telling me to suck his cock, or calling me a slut, or pinching my nipples. Don't think that last night when he spanked me to the cusp of subspace and then stopped to fuck me hard enough that I came, then repeated the show again.

Oh there was humiliation involved. It wasn't even meant to happen, but he fucked me to the point where all the muscles in my cunt were spazzing out as I came and well, damn it, I farted! Oh G-d! I was MORTIFIED! But I laughed, he laughed and teased me. The first time we were laughing so hard it was major coitus interruptus. Oh yes, I did say the first time--it happened again! That time he just kept fucking me. He told me he was glad to know he fucked me so hard that I was that out of control. I am still pretty embarrassed. I'll live, but as someone who enjoys being sexy, who has only queeffed a few times, that threw me for a loop. I'm glad he is good humored. I told him so, I am sure there are assholes out there would leave. I am sure there are also guys who'd love a woman to fart on their dick!

What I omitted to tell him is that I've been working overtime on my Kegels. I have a major bad habit of clenching my legs together when I come, and I've been trying in vain to train myself to not do as such. It can be an interference to the other part at time. So, I deduced I needed to work out some contingency plans for my orgasmic pleasure. It is easy to get in a rut getting off the same way--any vibrator owner will tell you. So every time I've been at a red light, or while driving to work, watching TV, or at my desk, I've been contracting and retracting my vaginal muscles. I've gotten pretty good at this to the point where today I almost made myself come just practicing. This all may not be news to other people ,but to someone who spent the majority of her life coming by squeezing her thighs together this is a big step.

Well I think I've worked off a few calories on this rambling post. Hope everyone had a good time today and Godspeed you crazy fucks who are going out on Black Friday


Severine said...

I had no problem eating a ton of our farm-grown turkeys (27 pound each), dark meat, as well as an array of tasty side dishes (we eat a LOT), a still pack quite an action later.

Kinky Aoefe said...

You made me laugh and smile with this post. Happy Thanks Giving Too!