Muchos Grassy Ass

I might be away from le computoir for a couple of days. I also may not. But I figure that now on the cusp of every American's celebration of gulltony, football, and naps that I'd pause and give thanks for:

1. "Teacher," my Dom, who has brought light into my darkness. Who has kindly held my hand as I've taken my babysteps down the road to submission. He has also proven to be a wonderful friend, confidant, muse, and even handy-man. Honestly, I am blessed for having him as my first Dom.
2. My friends and family, though they'd crap their pants, ostracize me, and possibly commit me if they knew about about the nature of my relationship, much less this blog. I am am very fortunate in having a group of creative, funny, and loving people in my life. I don't know many people who say "I love you" to their friends on a regular basis, but I have several that we do exchange those words. I also have a small, nutty, and loving family. I piss them off on a regular basis, but somehow they make room for the black sheep.
3. My job. It gets on my fuckign last nerve, but a year ago I didn't have a job. I have barely enough in my wallet to buy a pack of cigarettes before pay day, yet I have a warm bed, a few sodas, some crappy wine that I had bought for a recipe, so I am also thankful for that.
4. The readers of my blog & all the wonderful kinky people I've met because of it.
5. I am also thankful that they repeat shows all the time, because I just realized I am missing "the Hills"

Have a good Thanksgiving, and for my non-American friends, have fun cracking up about all of us fatasses.

And don't forget no matter where you live, and there is a dick in the nearby vicinity, GOBBLE it down!


Pixiepie said...

you are always a joy to read :)