The Perfect Implement of Pain

One of my favorite comedy bits is from Dennis Leary. The schtick is how "being a pothead turns you into a fucking carpenter." Well being a Dom apparently makes you a fucking carpenter, leather craftsman, welder, iron smith, and any other craft that was once run by guildsmen.

My Master, Teacher, had always been one to fiddle around with carpentry, but generally to fix stuff around the house, when I came into his life his focus changed. His workshop became headquarters for his burgeoning custom paddle and cane business. He no longer wanted to work on household repairs, but rather work on championing the cause of damaging tender asses across the globe.

Above his worktable was a bulletin board covered with letters and email print-outs of praise from his customers. Knowing that he helped a fellow Dom mark his sub was a source of pride and motivation to create even more painful implements. But, as it is inevitable in the business world, there is always at least one disgruntled customer. His unsatisfied Dom was a certain man I will call "Master Lucas."

Master Lucas' gripe was that his cane was not properly balanced, which prevented him from having a clean swing on his sub's flesh. Teacher found this highly unnerving, as one of his quality control points was to ensure that the canes were entirely level. I'd often see him out in his workshop peering down the edge of a freshly made cane like it he was a pool shark choosing the most perfect cue stick. Twice he accepted returns from Master Lucas and sent him replacement canes. The third return, though, that was another story.

"Jesus Christ X," he sighed when he accepted the package from the UPS man, "I'm certain this guy is either the most anal retentive Dom ever or he's in dire need of a caning himself." Knowing that it was wise to steer clear of Teacher while was pissed, I went to the kitchen to go make us some dinner. Somehow, I knew my own ass was going to get the wrath Teacher wanted to lay on Master Lucas. Thinking about this, I smiled as prepped our food.

That evening as I was finishing clearing up our dinner table, and getting ready to make Teacher an aperitif, he instructed me to go to shower.

"Go get beautiful for me X," he said, "well rather, extra beautiful my darling. I want you to put on the leather corset I bought you for your birthday along with your black stockings, and those heels of yours, the 6 inch black ones with the red soles."
I was tempted to ask "How come?" but I never questioned his commands, nor did I ever mind getting gussied up for him. Just putting on the corset itself could take me one quarter of the way to subspace. "When you are finished with your girly stuff, please return yourself to me and I expect you in position."
"Yes, Teacher."

I took my time preparing myself, luckily Teacher is one of those rare men who do not question the time a woman takes getting ready, in fact he finds in a yet another factor in what makes women such intriguing little creatures. "It is a lot more fun to punish my X when I can see the streams of tears exaggerated by her mascara. I find it highly erotic to see my slut's face smeared with her lipstick after I've forced my cock in her throat." It is another tangible way to see his work, just like rope marks, welts, and bruises. Knowing this pleased me as well.

Obeying his request, I presented myself to Teacher as he sat in his favorite burgundy leather chair, a classic masculine piece of furniture. He was not a La-Z-boy kind of guy, being neither lazy nor a boy.

"Tonight X, I have a special task for you. I do not expect any arguments as this does not violate any of your hard limits, but it is something you have never experienced. You are to do as told and know that this task is not only very important, but will be proof of my skilled training and will in essence effect my reputation. You, X, as my sub are representative of me."
I was quite puzzled as to what the hell was going on. It had been awhile since we went over my limit list, and some of my "yes" answers had escaped memory. Still, I was ready to do what ever was requested of me.

"X, bow down, with your head to the floor, your hands clasped behind your back and your ass facing me." I arranged myself as told, feeling the threads of the oriental rug scratch my forehead and the cool air of the ceiling fan pass over my exposed ass. I heard Teacher walk away, out of the room with his footsteps getting fainter. Then as always after many minutes that seemed like an eternity the footsteps became louder and I felt his presence over me.
"Take a deep breath X, I want you to prepare yourself for a long evening."
"Yes Teacher."I inhaled and exhaled into the rug, thinking I was glad he did not have any cats. I sighed out loud when he put my leather cuffs on my wrists and clasped them together. Being bound always allowed me to relax.
"X, the cane I am about to use on you is the most perfect one I've ever created. Rather all my cane craft is perfect. I took extra measures with this particular cane to ensure that there is nary a flaw. The only thing more perfect in the universe, my little girl, is your divine ass that is aching to be beat and fucked." With the last words barely out of his mouth, he started tapping on my ass cheeks, which felt more vulnerable than ever before.

First he was on my left side, using his perfect tool to inflict small starter taps. These were the taps that always for some reason fooled me into thinking I was going to be able to handle the inevitable pain without a wince. There was no medium in-between taps at all. In fact from the small pats things quickly change, down came down a huge blow that sent a rocket of pain up my spine, which exploded projecting stars behind my closed eyelids. I had no time to recover before the next wallop was administered. I wished Teacher had restrained me to the ground somehow because it was increasingly harder to not squirm myself down the rug, which I knew was not a good thing as it could cause him to miss his mark and ultimately inflict unwanted damage.
"X," he spoke as yet another strike knocked the breath out of me, "This cane which I am now going to inflict pain onto your exposed asshole, cunt and thighs..."
Thwack! My poor anus!
"is a masterful tool. Not unlike the swords that were crafted for the ancient Samurai, this cane is for only the most highly skilled Doms. To be used by a lesser creature would to be a shameful thing."
Thwack! Oh my poor tender labia, no amount of hair could shield the sting of this cane
"Only a complete moron would not realize the beauty of the way this implement strikes flesh, the way it cuts through the air almost silently, how it has just the right amount of give.."
Whack! Fuck you Master Lucas!
The pain started to dissipate, and Teacher's words started to fade away. I was on the cusp of sliding to my little happy world when he laid the cane in front of me and rubbed my back, rousing me from la-la land.
"Do not go away my darling sub, there is more in store," he told me as he removed the cuffs."stand up."
I clumsily made my way from the carpet to my two feet to find Teacher standing in front of me with a glass of ice water and an envelope. He handed the glass to me.
"Drink this" I gladly accepted and thought of what a sweet Dom he was as I guzzled it down.
"See this envelope X?" he waved a off-white envelope, which I knew was from his personal stationary. It even had a red wax seal on the back. I was elated to see he had used the monogrammed seal I had given him for his birthday.
"Yes, Teacher."
"You are to deliver this envelope for me."
"To whom"
"Master Lucas"
"Master Lucas, Master Lucas?" I repeated the name in disbelief.
"Yes. You are to remain in his presence when he opens the envelope. You also are to follow the instructions enclosed as he directs you to. Do you hear me?"
"Yes Teacher."

Teacher had never sent me to another Dom, in fact, we had only played with another couple one time and that was more of a vanilla swap. In retrospect I think I was more nervous about how Master Lucas would look, smell, and act. What if he has only three teeth, no neck, a mullet and weighs 400 lbs? If he were sending me to a Domme I would be happily excited, but this was terrifying. I felt comfortable in my trust that Teacher would not send me into a dangerous situation, so I was mostly worried this guy would smell like a petting zoo. Shallow? Perhaps, but it was a lot easier for me to fixate on that then the possibility that Master Lucas would go all Ed Gein on my ass. I did not want to end up being made into a lampshade.

"I will be out in the car the entire time X." He must have sensed my fear, "If you don't leave the house in one hour he'll be meeting my friends Smith and Wesson." I love it when he's so macho! Being an old-fashioned type of woman, feeling protected like that makes me very, very hot. I kneeled down in front of him and reached for Teachers zipper. I wanted to show him my adoration, and my submission.
"Oh X, you are such a good girl." Unearthing his hard cock from his pants, I put it in my mouth. Working the shaft with my tongue, I felt the head of his prick working it's way to my throat. Rotating his cock in my buccal cavity deftly with my tongue, I relaxed my muscles enabling his thickness down into my head. To avoid choking I imagining my throat was a pussy. I released and contracted my throat muscles around his cock. He tugged on my hair, bringing my face closer to him. I could smell his arousal through his sweat. As he reached the edge of orgasm, I felt his cock start pulsing, his grip on my hair became harder, and he started roughly fucking my mouth. He emitted a loud groan as he came and a hot stream of jizz shot into my mouth. I savored Teacher's taste as I let it trickle down my throat.

Sated, he zipped up, instructed me to go fix my hair and makeup. When I emerged from the bathroom he was at the door for me with my long, black trench coat. "No need to wear anything else X."

Master Lucas lived in an adjacent city in our metropolis that was about 30 miles away. Our ride to his home was a silent one, except I did inquire as to if Master Lucas was aware of our intent to visit. "Well my sweet sub, he is actually only expecting me."

Oh shit. This is going to be very interesting, I thought to myself.

We pulled up into a nondescript subdivision in front of your typical generic suburban American home--two car garage jutting out further than the main part of the house, two stories, a sprinkling of trees, white siding with blue shutters, and one of those stupid flags with a Labrador Retriever. Certainly not the scary ramshackle home I had imagined. Granted, all I knew of Master Lucas was that he was a pain in the ass customer.

"X. You are to go knock on his door, inform him you are there on my behalf. Then hand him the envelope. Please tell him to open it up and read it in front of you. As I told you earlier, I'll be sitting here in the car." I was sweating. "Also, I need you to give this to him as well." He reached into the backseat and handed me a long box.

I was trembling, and I was having one of those "what the fuck have I gotten myself into moments," moments that materialize with increased frequency since I've become a sub. Rarely have I been disappointed. Still, this was definitely a lot intimidating to me than the time Teacher shoved a ginger root up my ass and made me stand still with a pile of books on my head or fucked me with icicles as I laid naked, in broad daylight, in two feet of snow. When I am with him I always know in the end all will be fine.

Somehow I managed to make it to Master Lucas' door without hyperventilating. I rang the bell, and fantasized about ripping down that stupid flag and wiping my ass with it. "Coming" I heard him holler as he approached the door. As he opened it, I could tell he was not expecting a woman, much less one in six inch heels, red lips, a long coat holding an envelope. Master Lucas, I am happy to say had all his teeth, in fact, they were a perfect set of chompers. He was about 45, 6ft tall, light brown short but tousled hair. He was dressed to match his surroundings in a golf shirt and Dockers. Not my type, but definitely a decent looking guy. He also seemed to smell more of laundry soap instead of petting zoo.

"I am here on behalf of my Master Teacher," I told Master Lucas as he took in the vision of me,"he has requested that you read what is enclosed in this envelope in my presence."
"Is he here?"
"Yes, he is" He looked out to the driveway, as did I and Teacher's car was not there. I was freaking out, but I was not going to say as such.
"Oh, um he went to go get a pack of cigarettes." I was hoping that was the case.
"Well let's see what is in this envelope," why don't you come in.
"Uh, no. I was told for you to read it before I do anything."
"Wow, what an obedient sub you appear to be," he sniffed.
He tore open the envelope, scanned the letter, and then read it aloud to me.

Dear Master Lucas,

As a craftsman, I find it horribly frustrating that you have been repeatedly unsatisfied with my craftsmanship. If these canes were not items made with my own sweat and tears, I would have not have dealt with you any further after your first return. Instead, I have taken your dissatisfaction with my canes as a challenge. While I did not see anything wrong at all, quite the contrary, with the previous canes you purchased, I have decided to take this opportunity to craft such a cane that is beyond any you, nor anyone has had the pleasure of wielding. If, you are still unsatisfied with the cane I am delivering to you via my sub "X" I will then suggest you take your business elsewhere.

Before you make any decisions about this new cane, I would like to request that you do the following. Do note that X has come her consensually and is aware she is to follow the instructions below:

1. Please inspect the cane marks I have inflicted upon X approximately two hours ago.
2. X is to show you the various marks on her ass, thighs, upper back, cunt, asshole, and breasts. as you will see that these are not your ordinary cane welts. Even the tiniest flick of this cane will leave a dent in the thickest of skin. X, like many subs, appreciates the artwork that is left behind after a scene. You, too I expect will be very impressed.
3. After the inspection, I would like to offer you the opportunity to try out the implement on my sub. Since she is currently highly marked, along with the cane I've included a jar of ink. If you so desire to see the marks you, yourself have left on her, you have my permission to wipe the cane down with the ink prior to using it. If you chose to keep the cane, I will cover the cane in black lacquer if you so desire.
4. X is to be standing upright when you cane her. With her arms above her head the entire time. I've included her gag in the box, as she is a loud slut. She too is a squirmy slut, but it is not my desire to have her bound for this trial.
5. If upon reading this you do not wish to try out the cane, please return X and the box back to the car and I will consider our business done.
6. If you do decide after trying out the cane that is the best cane you have ever used, please escort X back to my car as well and we will discuss both the behavior of the cane as well as my sub. I am confident you will love this cane, but if it so happens that you do not, please refer to number 5.

I expect to have a resolution to this situation within the hour.

Master Teacher
Crandon Canes, Inc.

That sounded reasonable enough, and I was grateful Teacher did not ask him to fuck me, but then he didn't mention that he shouldn't' fuck me either. Master Lucas had already proven to be an asshole so I was not certain he'd respect Teacher's wishes.

"Well it sounds like your Master is pretty damn certain his cane is the best. I didn't think his other ones were so great, so I have my doubts" he said in a bitchy tone, "but, you seem to be quite a beautiful specimen X, and I am going to take this opportunity to try out your Master's canes, if anything just so I can see you naked." He leered at me and I felt like a piece of meat. He waved my way into his house. "He's quite a big shot your Master is, isn't he?" Master Lucas said as he locked the door behind him. Motherfucker was testing me. I was not going to say anything negative about Teacher!
"No, he is not. He is a very brilliant man."
"Well you are loyal little sub, please follow me to my playroom, he must be a very lucky man."
I smirked and followed him down a carpeted hallway with pictures of what must have been his children. I did not see any pictures of an apparent wife, yet by the flowery decor of the house there had definitely been one in the overall picture. "Those are my kids. I divorced the frigid bitch that is their mother just a few months ago."
"Oh." Great, a dude in the midst of his misogynistic anger phase about to spank my ass. That day my role was apparently "human whipping post."

Master led me into his playroom, which was entirely different than the rest of the joint. "This used to be my ex-wife's sewing and craft room, but once the cunt left I decided it was time to make it mine," he said with obvious lingering hatred of the ex-wife. The room was painted a crimson red with black trim. In one corner was a metal cage, in the other a black leather recliner with a leopard skin rug the covered the floor. It looked more "early whorehouse" than dark scary dungeon. While it was not a complete set-up there was plenty of room to hold a spanking bench, a small day bed, some random toys and oodles of floggers, whips and paddles hanging from the walls. One thing I did note was that there were no canes. Very interesting.
"So X, has Master Teacher shared you with many men?"
"No." I didn't want to let him know I was the first as to make him feel special.
"Interesting, especially since you appear to be filthy little whore. Remove your coat and stand as requested with your hands up in the air." I removed my coat and he admired my body in the leather corset, boobs heaving, waist nipped.
"As much as I love a woman in a corset, I wish to have you undress entirely to see this magnificent handiwork I was told about."
Undressed, I stood in position. Naked, and feeling pretty damn humiliated to be in this situation, I found myself getting turned on, the juices in my pussy started to flow lubricating the inside of my thighs. Master Lucas remained in his suburban garb. I watched him open the box. This guy was such a dickhead I honestly was not happy that he even remotely aroused any pleasure out of me.

Inside the box was a smaller leather case. Master Lucas lifted the lid of the case to reveal the cane which was lying on a bed of purple velvet like a precious jewel. I had never seen Teacher pack the canes as such. He wasn't fucking around, of that I was certain.

Master Lucas held the cane in his hand and just like teacher he eyed the length of it, holding it parallel to the length of his arm. He held it between two fingers and watched it wobble. He sliced it through the air. Whatever you could do with a cane besides hit someone, he did. He ignored me the entire time and I felt my body get sore as I waited. Oh how wanted to put my arms down, but I feared the worst if I did. I was there on behalf of Teacher and I was not going to fail him.

Finally, he finished fiddling with the cane and laid it back down in it's velvet cushion. He came over to me and looked me up and down, finally settling on my eyes. Not removing his gaze he said, "Well X, let me admire these spectacular marks I have heard about." He moved from my eyes down to my exposed breasts. He ran his finger from my neck down the crevice between them. Following the fresh abrasions like a map, he traced a thick red welt that Teacher had left behind on my right breast crossing the entirely of my chest. While he grazed his fingers across my breasts, I felt both my nipples become erect. I could not look down due to my stance, but I know from experience the skin was puckered and turned from its normal light brown to a more pinkish brown hue. "This is very nice X, and my you have some nice cans."
Cans? I winced, this guy was obviously a frat boy at some point. Go figure. I always hated those conformist assholes, these were the guys who automatically saw my rock'n'roll attire and large tits and assumed I was a cheap slut. Somehow their asshole demeanor did tempt me, but I never took it as an opportunity, but moreso as a blow to my ego. I was only a slut for certain people, and those were people who did respect me beyond my cunt.
From my breasts he found his way down my belly, to my pussy. He ran his finger through the hair, stopping to rub his finger not only the two welts that had formed on my upper mound, but to graze my clit. I moaned just a little. But once again, I did not want him to thinkI was enjoying his inspection. After all I was there for him to only look at Teacher's markings. "You've quite a little nub there X. Very hot. I prefer my women shaved, but to each his own." He lifted his fingers to smell my fragrance and smiled.
From my cunt, he circled around me like I was a statue to see the stripes on my ass, thighs, and back. Their laid the red ribbons that truly showed the master craftmanship of both the cane and of Teacher's might. Shiny, puffy and raw, they appeared at first glance to be huge keloid scars. I heard Master Lucas mutter something to himself, but all I made out was "mmmm.."
"I was told you were smacked on your asshole X." I'm going to need to spread your legs out a bit more to see this" I did as told. He pulled either cheek apart roughly. A shockwave of pain spread from the epicenter of the mother of all canings. There in the valley between either buttock was one humongous red stripe that ran up and down, it's pain had apparently had been delayed, because as I was widened for inspection I had to gasp for air, it was like my pulse had moved straight to my anus. To make matters worse, Master Lucas thought it would be good to retrace the line stopping to shove his rather large finger inside without warning. He didn't leave it there very long, but I heard him chuckle as I cried "Ow!"
"You like pain, I'm certain you slut, look at you," he hissed into my ear.

He went back to the case and removed both the ink jar and the cane. I was never into messy play, but I had no choice.

Master Lucas unrolled a large plastic tarp and instructed me to stand on top of it. My arms were numb from holding them up for so long, pins and needles started to erupt. "You stay here you pretty bitch, I'll be right back." He left the room and came back wearing plastic gloves, a black t-shirt and pants. "I can't mess up my good clothes." Ha! to me any clothes in black were my good clothes. I longed to shake out the pain of my limbs, but I chose to work through it no matter how excruitating.

Master Lucas saturated the cane with the ink, letting the excess run into a pile of newspapers he had brought in for the purpose.

"So this will be the test of this cane. It is obvious that your Master has some impressive work on his sub. I need to be certain that was not merely from his brute strength, but via this cane he thinks is the shit. You see X, I was not there to witness his work, how I am to know he did not use something else. Did he?"
"How do I not know you are not only a snotty bitch of a slut, but a liar as well.?"
"I am not a liar Master Lucas."
"We shall see, won't we."

This guy was just not going to let it go.

"Kiss the cane"
"Kiss the cane." Now I would normally kiss the cane for Teacher as a sign of submission to him, but this honestly confused me. Was I still submitting to him by kissing the cane for Master Lucas, or was I getting Master Lucas' rocks off? I decided since I was there to show how wonderful Teacher's work was and I, too, was his work, that I should kiss the implement he created with his own hands out of respect.
Kiss the cane, quick as it was left me looking like I had chewed a pen until it exploded.
Master Lucas laughed, "Oh shit that is hilarious! You're going to have black lips all week X, how embarrassing." Completely embarrased and pissed off, I knew it would be a week of being humilated whereever I went, but it was for Teacher and that was ok with me.
I spit out the little ink that was in my mouth. "You are a bit fiesty. I think I'll use that gag Master Teacher sent with you." I was actually pretty glad about that otherwise, I think I would have said some rotten shit.

Unlike Teacher, he did not give me warm up taps, or warm-up anything. From the moment the gag was tied behind my head, Master Lucas did not waste any time getting to work. Unbeknownst to me, he had looked at the clock and saw we only had 15 mintues left.

He started on my ass, slicing through the welts left by Teacher, causing several of them to open up and bleed. Cruely ,he did the same on my thighs. The sting of the cane was so immense I was on the verge of nausea. Immediately it became apparent that I was not comfortable enough to relax like I did with Teacher. Instead, I clenched up which made all the blows entirely more difficult to take. I found myself starting to slump over and then my head was pulled back up by Master Lucas, but he did not stop. Instead he applied the blowsto my breasts, back and cunt. In the midst of all this, I faded out, but unlike the various versions of a twisted tropical paradise I go to when I go into supspace with my true Master, I apparently just blacked out.

My eyes opened, I was on the floor on the leopard rug. I was aroused from my state by a hand rubbing my back, a familar hand. It was Teacher!
"Are you OK X?"
"Huhh.." I felt kind of drunk. "You were so deep in subspace, Master Lucas had me intervene."
"Where were you, you left the driveway."
"X, I was here the entire time my sweet baby sub."
"You were what?" I was entirely confused.
"I was not goign to let my prized possession, you, not the cane, be in the hands of a strange Dom without being present. While Master Lucas read you the letter I entered his house through the back door."
"What about your car."
"Oh, it was down the street, that was just to scare you a bit."
"I was."
"I know. You did good X, you not only obeyed my instructions via Master Lucas, but you showed your loyalty to me."
"Where is he?"
"Oh he went to go get his checkbook"
"He liked the cane, huh?"
"Very much so, but he also liked you. He is paying for you to save for your tattoo removal when and if I chose for you do as such."
"But, wait, I don't have a tattoo."
"Yes, you do."
I looked down at my chest, there mingling in the welts and blood was the ink.
"You proved tonight that you were truly worthy of my ownership. You are mine now X and I had you marked as such." Stunned, I didn't know what to say, instead I just teared up. Tattoos were on my "Yes" list, but this was beyond my expectations. "I know how much you love looking at your various marks from play X and how sad you are when the are gone. Now, my dear, you never have to be sad again."

Weeks later the welts have healed, and there amongst my various freckles, birthmarks, and scars lay various blue stripes each one to make me think of my Master, Teacher.

*the end*

fiction copyright by sub nouveau, creative commons protected picture from Training of O


Curvaceous Dee said...

Wow. Just ... wow. That was a great story, and I was reading avidly all the way throughout. I hope you submit this for Sugasm.

xx Dee

Pixiepie said... nice. not at all how i expected it to

MJ's Slave said...

Beautiful fiction. As i was reading i was trying to decide if i hoped this was fact or fiction or some mixture of both. You are a very talented writer. Your words move emotions.

Thanks for the link here. Would it be ok if W/we added your blog to O/our page? Hoping lots of people find you and enjoy your talents!


Kinky Aoefe said...

Holy crap! That was awesome. I did'n't know it was fiction till the end. Kudos.


Sub Nouveau said...

Thanks ladies for the complements! I haven't written any fiction in a long time and I forgot how fun it can be. Looks like my Dom has proven to awaken another dormant part of my spirit!

DL's toy said...

Wow! Now that was a shifted ending! i really, really liked this (and it woke up my own mind which has been focused on other things so) THANK YOU! You sure do have a way with words!